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Категория: Windows: Русификаторы


ACDSee Classic

ACDSee Classic. Build 2.44

Значит - ненадо. И так очень удобно. Стрелки предназначены для перемещения картинки в размере "больше экрана"

Version 2.43 – March 2000

o Changed product name to “ACDSee Classic” from “ACDSee o Removed digital camera support

o Removed KDC format support

Version 2.42 – October 1999

o Added toolbar button for JPEG rotate

o Faster browser startup on Windows NT systems

Fixed crash when cropping TIFF images

Version 2.41 – April 1999

o Added "Use top-down bitmaps" display option

o Changed display of animated GIF images to use a default 100 ms delay per frame when no frame delay is given

o Turned off "View all images in folder" behaviour when more than one image is supplied on the command-line

o The gamma tag for PNG images is ignored in order to provide display consistency with other applications

o Turned off PNG alpha blending

o Improved display quality for JPEG images

o Added "snap to" functionality to Viewer's "Zoom 100%" and "Delete" buttons

o PCDLib32.dll is no longer required to read Photo CD images at higher resolutions

o Modified Browser's slide show command to start with random image when random slide show sequence has been chosen

o Increased minimum distance mouse must be moved with right button down to start a drag-drop operation in view mode

o Creation and last modified timestamps are preserved when rotating JPEG images

Fixed problem where new margin settings were ignored during print phase.

Fixed crash when exiting ACDSee after shredding a file with Gizmos' File Shredder from the shell context menu for a file in the Browser file list

Fixed crash when showing info tip for files with very long descriptions

Fixed intermittent crash when cropping images

Fixed problem where "New folder" folder did not show up in file list when the "show folders" thumbnail mode option was turned off.

Fixed problem reading Alias PIX images

Fixed display/printing of certain WMF images

Fixed bug printing filenames with extended characters

Fixed problem displaying full path of folder names containing extended characters in titlebar

Fixed bug displaying filenames with extended characters in "Confirm replace" and "Add to favorites" dialogs

Fixed zoom commands to zoom into center of image instead of lower-right corner

Fixed print module to allow output image size to exceed the printable area

Fixed problem with black area below and to the right of scaled-to-fit image

Fixed R<->B colour channel swap when reading 16 bps TIFF images

Fixed bug dealing with invalid destination path names in Move/Copy To dialog box on Win98

Version 2.4 – January 1999

+ Enhanced printing options, including contact sheet support and print preview.

+ Added support for EMF, SGI, Alias PIX, and Kodak KDC image formats.

+ Added support for TIFF images with 12-bit samples.

+ Added convert to TGA and convert to TIFF support.

+ Added lossless JPEG rotation.

+ Changed path box to a drop down list of recently accessed folders.

+ Added Cache Maintenance function

+ Added option to play WAV sound files

+ Added "Sync to folder" command in viewer.

+ Added "Paste here" command to items in Folder Tree and Favorites List.

+ Added "New sub-folder" command to items in Folder Tree.

+ Added option to show file sizes in KB.

+ Added "Automatically save window pos." Option.

+ Current cursor coordinates / selection dimensions are shown in status bar when <Shift> key is pressed.

+ Added commands to change the magnification of the images displayed in the Move/Copy Replace dialog box.

+ Displays #pages in a multi-page image in detail file list view mode.

+ Added "Defragment cache" command.

+ Added options to show file size and image dimensions together with thumbnails in thumbnail mode.

+ Added /p! command-line option to print without print setup and printer selection dialog boxes popping up.

+ Added /ss and seq:<seq-mode> command-line options.

+ Added /fullscreen command-line option.

+ Added Max. PhotoCD resolution setting.

+ Added support for 64 BASE Photo CD resolution.

+ Modified RenameSeries to support character and escape characters.

+ Added Change timestamp command.

+ Added "Print all. " command to view mode.

+ Added option to always confirm deletion of folders.

+ Added drag support to view mode (drag with right mouse button).

o Significantly faster decode-and-display

o Added support for multiple monitors under Win98/Windows 2000

o Worked around annoying pause when deleting files with IE4/Desktop Update installed.

o Improved thumbnail quality for B&W bicolor images

o Improved progress indicator for animated GIF decoding.

o Changed setup to create shortcut icons in a "ACD Systems" folder. New shortcut icons for Help file and Uninstall. Created shortcut icon folder(s) shown in Explorer window after installation completes.

o Modified preview command (and auto-preview) to read the header of an unchecked file to see if it is an image.

o Added "expand all" key <NumPad *> to folder tree.

o Changed file list info tips to multi-line format and added file description.

o Modified random slide show to re-randomize on wrap-around.

o Enhanced toolbars with "Flat" style and background image.

o When copying files to the clipboard, the full path names are also copied in text format.

o Enhanced Move/Copy progress dialog with indication source & destination folders, and individual file progress (WinNT only).

o Non-read-only commands (rename, etc) are disabled based on root of current path rather than current path.

o Disable labels editing for items in folder tree that cannot be renamed

o Single-clicking on the current folder in the folder tree causes a quick-refresh of the file list

o Added "Create new shortcut" command to context menu of Favorites list.

o Modified GIF decoder to properly support "87a" animated GIFs.

o Links to folders are now followed in Slideshow Recursive and Find Images commands.

o Converted "Look in" box in "Find Images" command to a drop down list

o Dragging a file from the desktop will now move it by default when you drag to a folder on the system [C] drive.

o Improved display of CMYK images

o Added support for 16 bps PSD

o Now reads WMF files with missing Aldus headers

o Can view partial "Find Images" results after pre-maturely stopping the find operation.

Fixed problem whereby entering small icon view mode from thumbnail mode caused the icons to be incorrectly arranged.

Fixed problem where the dimensions of some JPEG files with embedded thumbnails were not extracted correctly

Fixed access error deleting current folder in folder tree.

Fixed problem when if ACDSee was started in view mode, then maximized, then an image was opened, the window would be hidden.

Fixed bug where new files were not correctly placed at the bottom/top of the file list during an quick or auto-refresh event in thumbnail/icon/small icon mode.

Fixed bug where images dropped on ACDSee's browser window Were not viewed correctly ("Cannot access file" error).

Fixed problem on some systems where, when the "Auto-refresh" option was disabled, the file list was not automatically refreshed after moving files to and Explorer window.

In Find Images function, fixed pattern matching for filename to not assume substring matching when an extension is provided in the filename.

Fixed problem where read-ahead image was not resampled on decode when zoom lock was on with zoom < 100%.

No error message was given if "view all images in folder" is enabled and no argument file specified in the command-line was found.

Fixed bug causing thumbnail cache collisions between different volumes on a removable drive.

Fixed bug MCComparing two images with different colormaps on 256 colour systems.

Fixed problem reading PCX images with explicit 16-colour palettes where paletteType==0.

Fixed display of some PNG images.

Fixed problem where view window appears after turning Viewer | Show menu option from browse mode.

Fixed problem creating shortcuts in Favorites list when ACDSee is installed in a path that contains a period.

Fixed Rename Series to work with extended characters.

Fixed problem auto-updating file list when "auto column width" is turned on.

File size is now written correctly in BMP file headers.

Fixed bug where changing state of "use system icons" option would turn off image header reading.

Fixed bug where icons where not displayed for images whose headers had not been scanned when "use system icons" option was turned off.

Fixed slowdown reading network file system folders.

Fixed problem deleting/moving/renaming PCD files.

Fixed hanging problem when loading thumbnails for some truncated progressive JPEG images.

Shortcut arrows now shown over shortcut icons on WinNT/IE4.0 systems

Shortcut arrows now correctly shown over thumbnails.

Support for file and drive sizes over 4GB

Fixed Move to/Copy to function to correctly create target paths with UNC names

Version 2.3 – April 1998

скрытый текст

+ Added "Find images" command to search for images by filename and/or description

+ Selection feature: a rectangular portion of the image can be selected for zooming, printing, wallpapering or copying to clipboard

+ Save as command allows an image to be saved in a different format from view mode

+ Save sequence as… command allows the current image sequence to be saved to a file and reloaded at a later time

+ Support for Kodak DC200 and DC210 digital cameras

+ Thumbnail caching

+ Rename series command allows a group of files to be renamed according to a numbered series

+ Shortcuts list now supports shortcuts to applications and other files

+ Automatic window scrolling during drag & drop

+ Expand/collapse folders in folder tree using other mouse button during drag & drop

+ The order of the columns of the file list can be modified

+ Option to remove original image file after converting it

+ Option to show full path of current folder in browse window title

+ Option to show shortcuts list on left side of file list

+ Option to enable/disable "click to rename" in file list

+ Option to double-click on file description to edit it

+ File size now shown in viewer status bar

+ Automatic file rename separator character can be configured

+ Enhanced DDE server commands allow multiple files to be opened at once and allow caller to specify Add/Replace and View all/View explicit options

+ Can view image file(s) by dragging and dropping onto browse window

+ Support for 4*BASE and 16*BASE PhotoCD resolutions

+ The shell context menu for an item or items can be accessed by holding down the <Shift> or <Ctrl> key while clicking with the secondary mouse button.

o slideshow commands consider hidden files and folders only when the File List | Show hidden files option is turned on.

o When multiple files are being described, the file currently being described is selected [and previewed]

o Progress indicator for background processing is more efficient

o Faster updating when browse window is resized

o Faster browser startup

o Setting of "Overwrite" format conversion option is now saved across sessions

o Added context-sensitive help to Format Conversion and Set File Associations dialog boxes

o Replaced functionality of "Print entire image / Print content of window" with "Selection" option of Print dialog box

o Automatic saving of view window position is replaced by explicit "Save window pos." command

o "Auto-reset zoom to 100%" option replaced by "Zoom lock" command

o Shrunk images are now reloaded at the lowest possible resolution when the magnification is increased (instead of 100%)

o Pressing <Esc> in view mode to return to browse mode no longer selects the image viewed. However, <Enter> continues to do this.

o TIFF decoder will now upsample TIFF data in Y axis where appropriate according to reported aspect ratio

o TIFF decoder now handles 16-bit samples

o TIFF decoder will now read 2 and 4 bpp grayscale and colourmapped images.

o Support for TIFF YCrCb, Tiled, SGILog, SGILog24, and PlanarConfig==2 images

o Source image's file description is copied to output file description when converting image

o Can press <P> to temporarily show full path of current image file in view window.

o A shrunk image is reloaded unshrunk when auto-shrink is turned off or when auto-zoom command is invoked

o Revamped help file

o Now distributed with comctl32.dll v4.72

o Spawn View (View + <Shift> key) now works with a multiple selection

o Slide show delay is now specified in ms

o Shortcut overlays displayed for shortcuts in thumbnail mode

o Progress window when creating shortcuts

o Can use <Ctrl+Shift+A> to select all files and folders.

o Removed flicker effects from file list quick-refresh

o Changed browser processing progress indication from text to bar.

Fixed a bug that prevented files from being copied/moved to UNC file systems

Fixed bug which could cause maximized window position to become incorrect after switching out of full screen mode

Fixed file filter to not pass all files when no matches occurred

Fixed read-ahead problem where flipping to the next image, if it were partially decoded, would result in decoding restarting from the very beginning

Fixed bug in info tips that could cause the wrong image dimensions to be displayed

"All" option in Print dialog is now interpreted properly

Modified Shell Open/Edit commands to only pop up Open with/Edit with box when the file association is missing or incomplete

Fixed randomized slide show to work with >32767 images

Modified TIFF decoder to handle single-strip images with a incorrectly specified strip byte count.

Fixed problem with disappearing status bar icon in view window.

Fixed some problems reading GIF images with missing GCEs and incorrect LSD information.

Fixed problems renaming a folder in the folder tree.

OEM Convert and Set hidden attribute “descript.ion” file options were not honoured in view mode.

Fixed full screen mode bugs occurring when screen resolution is changed on the fly.

Version 2.22 – December 1997

+ conversion options (JPEG)

+ convert to PCX

+ Auto-Shrink and Auto-Enlarge option toggle commands to Viewer

+ info tips for items in file list and shortcuts list [comctl32.dll v4.71 req'd]

+ option to disable toolbar tips

+ added Open, View, Print and Browse shell command options to Set File Associations

+ "Show version & path in title bar" Browser option

+ Colour-coded image highlighting in file list

o comctl32.dll (required for full functionality) is now installed during setup

o better-looking, more memory efficient and much faster rendering of file icons in thumbnail display mode

o the status bar shows the path to the target folder when items are dragged onto items in the shortcuts list

o changed PCX decoder to correctly decode badly encoded images: those where byte runs cross row boundaries and those with incorrect 256 colour palette markers

o modified "auto-start" slide show option to allow auto-start from Browser's slide show commands

o Optimized auto-refresh to minimize flicker

o in report mode when the sort method is changed, the list is scrolled so that the focus item appears in the [vertical] middle of the view

o the current selection in the file list(including a multiple selection) is now retained across sort changes, view style changes, auto-refreshes, etc.

o viewer window is no longer activated at every image change during a slide show, or when files are dragged and dropped

o currently selected/viewed file icon appears in status bar of Browser and Viewer windows [comctl32.dll v4.71 req'd]

worked around bug in Win95 that caused system resource leak when decoding WMF files

problem with "View all images in folder" not working when ACDSee was started on the command line

fixed support for EGA PCX images

fixed support for 16/32 bpp BMP files using BI_BITFIELDS encoding

problem handling RLE encoded BMP files with delta escapes

work-around for misplaced selection anchor in file list (comctl32.dll v4.71 or later req'd)

bug that prevented 30-character registration names from working

reduced size of Move/Copy confirmation boxes to fit 640x480 screens

fixed problem handling short (8.3) filenames passed via command-line when the "View All" option was turned on

images can now be dragged and dropped before preview has finished loading

slow decoding and quantization error due to round-off errors in shrink-to-fit option

during auto-refresh, new items are now added to their proper positions in the list, even in thumbnail, icon and small icon modes

fixed bug that could cause descriptions entered in Viewer to be lost if Auto-refresh was turned on and Read Image Headers was set to Never

fixed bug which could cause a crash when the last image in the Viewer's image sequence was deleted

preferred auto-size window position was lost when the window was minimized

when a folder in the folder tree was renamed, its file description was lost

when printing, file descriptions longer than one line are correctly printed

Version 2.21 – October 1997

скрытый текст

+ added support for DCX format (multi-page PCX FAX)

o reduced memory overhead for loading GIF images

o the file list is automatically updated when files are dropped into it, even if the "auto-refresh"

problem handling animated GIF images with missing GCE's

round-off error could cause horizontal lines to appear when decoding interlaced images at a high zoom level

Version 2.2 – October 1997

скрытый текст

+ Added support for SoftImage PIC format

+ Shortcuts to images are now handled transparently

+ Added Cut, Copy and Paste commands to Browser for file management

+ Added Copy Image commands to allow images to be copied to the clipboard

+ Added Paste command to Viewer to allow files copied from Explorer to be pasted into the image list

+ Revised Move/Copy Overwrite options, adding auto-rename

+ Added “Slideshow” and “Slideshow Recursive” commands to Viewer

+ Added "Save defaults" button to Options dialog – options are no longer permanently saved when OK is pressed

+ Added shell open/edit commands to Viewer

+ Added option to hide Browser path box (“View > Controls > Path box”)

+ Added Remove All command to Move/Copy Files dialog box

+ Added “Tools > Generate File List” command

+ Added “Image List > Highlight Image Files” option

+ Added “/p” command line option for printing images

+ Added FileName edit box to Move/Copy Files Dialog box when a single file is being moved to allow it to be renamed

+ Added “Apply to all” checkbox to Edit File Description dialog to allow a single description to be applied to several files at once

+ In full screen mode, you can press and hold down the b, t and m keys to temporarily show the status bar, the tool bar and the menu, respectively.

+ "Oem convert" option for file descriptions

+ Option to show full image file path in Viewer

+ “Show hidden files” option is now available directly from the browse window (View menu or Ctrl+H)

o Added selected file name to status bar of Browser

o Changed default renamed file in Move/Copy to use a unique postfix number instead of “Copy of…”

o Added option to disable open/remove commands

o "Exit after delete/move" now causes the Viewer to exit to the Browser when the last image in the image list is deleted or moved (only if ACDSee was started in Browse mode)

o Internal move/copy is used for drag and drop file operations now (except folders)

o Added new Read Image Headers option. "Only on non-floppy and non-CDROM disks"

o Numeric keypad +/- now expand/collapse items in folder tree

o The current parent folder name is shown in the title bar of the Browser

o Added keyboard shortcuts to help menu

o Rearranged Browser File List context menu

o Reversed the meaning of Ctrl and Shift when applied to Delete command to better

o Limited WMF bitmap size to prevent use of too much memory when displaying WMF files of large dimensions

o Added support for IFF-HAM, IFF-HAM8 and IFF-EHB

o Added support for TIFF-CMYK, PSD-CMYK and JPEG Adobe CMYK

o Prevented selection of next item in list if a multiple move operation was just completed and all files were successfully moved. Instead, the next item just receives the focus.

o The setting of the “Hide non-image files” option is no longer automatically saved on exit

o Preview/Next Page commands added to Viewer toolbar when a multi-page image is viewed

several problems displaying animated GIF images

Visible glitch in split bars after adjusting

ACDSee would hang when decoding truncated IFF images

Viewer title bar did not update after a rename or after a Remove All command

Auto-refresh into sorted position was not working correctly

Browser did not always detect file description changes made in the Viewer

Sort mechanism was ignoring ‘-‘ and ‘’’ characters

"Browse with ACDSee" shell command appeared in non-file folders such as Recycle Bin and My Computer

Colour component alignment problem with non-interleaved PCX images

Various auto-refresh bugs

Double-update flicker problem when switching images in Viewer in auto-zoom

Preferred window size was saved incorrectly when flipping out of Full-Screen mode

Preview image did not appear when set to be to the left of the file list and the folder tree was turned off

Crash when converting 24bpp images when running in 256 colours

new OS/2 bitmaps were not read correctly

Glitch in the rightmost 8 pixels of some 2-colour GIF images

Preview in progress was unnecessarily cancelled and restarted during an auto-refresh event

File being decoded in viewer could not be renamed

File list filtering was not working in Browser

Subfolders were not updated when a parent folder was renamed in the folder tree

GIF dimensions were not interpreted correctly for some images

Various glitches with randomized slide shows

Fixed a bug displaying interlaced GIF images with only 2 rows

Fixed bug that made Rename button on MCReplace dialog skip file if user had skipped a previous image in the same move/copy operation

Fixed bug that refreshed the file list unnecessarily when deleting a file with auto-refresh, read image headers and save image info in description options on

Fixed problem with wallpaper not being updated in WinNT 4.0 and Memphis

Fixed problem reading PSD subtypes BITMAP and LAB, and those with extra channels

Fixed problem reading IFF images with masking==mskHasTransparentColor

Fixed problem handling short (8.3) filenames passed via DDE or on command-line when the "View All" option was turned on

Version 2.1 – May 1997

+ Support for Electronic Arts/Amiga Interchange File Format (IFF)

+ Support for Adobe PhotoShop Documents (PSD)

+ Confirm replace dialog now shows source and destination images for comparison

+ Print Setup options

+ Added Show Next and Previous Slide show Image commands to Viewer

+ Can now be started in View mode with no images using the /v option

+ Options to show folders and non-image files in thumbnail view mode

+ Option to bypass recycle bin by default

+ Option to disable GIF animation

+ Option to allow Auto-refresh to be turned off

+ Option to automatically exit Viewer after deleting/moving the first

+ Options to disable Browser, File-Ops, Options, Options-Save, Wallpaper and Print features

+ Added middle or left+right mouse button support for toggling full-screen mode

+ Web Page command in Help menus

+ Help tips for menu items

o "View all" option now applies to File|Open Viewer command

o Improved document icons

o The remove wallpaper command now restores the original wallpaper, if any

o Changed thumbnail code to use DIBs when possible

o Changed left mouse button double click in viewer to switch to Browse mode

o Changed progress indicator in Browser so it doesn't cover up the status bar information

o Re-optimized updating of File List when files are deleted/moved from Viewer

o Enhanced refreshing of folder tree

o Changed to format numbers (e.g. file sizes) according to locale prefs

o Changed Viewer to exit when the last image is moved to another folder.

o Changed "confirm deletion" option to "don't confirm"

o Added help button to registration dialog box

o Modified registration-nag image counter to include thumbnail images

o Changed non-system icon scheme to provide image type-specific icons

o Drives in file list auto-refresh when CD-ROM is inserted or removed

o Show Preview option in Viewer's Open dialog box is now saved and restored

Fixed enabling/disabling of buttons and menu command in Viewer

Fixed auto-window-size bug when the system tray was placed at the top or left hand size of the screen

Fixed bug which caused the slide show to stop when a bad image was encountered

Fixed bug with "phantom" ACDSee on task bar

Fixed a bug which caused file descriptions with extended characters to be displayed incorrectly

Fixed problem where not all thumbnails in a large folder could be created

Fixed a bug which occasionally caused a crash when dragging and dropping

Fixed animated GIF support to work better with images whose first frame is smaller than the entire overall animation dimensions

Delayed Browser auto-refresh while in View mode until the Browser is returned to

Browser's View menu items are now checked/unchecked properly

Fixed bug which prevented creating shortcuts to drives

Fixed a few bugs with file associations

Fixed a bug which (when Folder Tree is hidden) caused some drives not to appear in the file list sometimes

Fixed a bug which caused a refresh after deleting a file and "cache image headers" option is on

Hidden folders are no longer shown in the folder tree if the "show hidden files" is not turned on

Fixed bug which could cause the entire registry to be deleted if removing file associations from the options dialog

Fixed bug which caused a divide by zero exception when generating a thumbnail for a 1281x1 image

Fixed problem with long delay when drag-moving files out of a large folder

Fixed a nasty bug with “Set File Associations…” which could cause the registry to become corrupt

Version 2.0 – April 1997

скрытый текст

+ thumbnail file list view mode

+ image format conversion

+ drag and drop file management

+ support for Microsoft IntelliMouse

+ options to show/hide Browser toolbar, status bar, menu, etc.

+ option to show/hide Viewer menu

+ auto-zoom feature

+ auto-zoom reset option

+ option to hide mouse cursor in full-screen mode

+ option to save/restore browse window size and position

+ dither mode for preview image is configurable

+ option to add or replace Viewer image list with dropped files

+ option to expand auto-sized Viewer window to the right and down rather than centered

+ snap cursor to buttons feature

+ preview area can be configured to appear on the left, on the bottom, or on the right

+ different icons for each supported file type

+ "New folder" command to create new folders

+ Associated file types can be easily set within the application

+ "Show gridlines" and "Full row select" file list options

+ Windows NT 3.51 is no longer supported

o faster image panning

o the preview is automatically reloaded when the preview area is resized (when auto-preview option is on)

o the file list rather than the preview window is resized when the window is resized

o significantly faster scrolling performance with some video drivers

o reorganized status bar information

o increased maximum slide show delay to 1 day

o new 256 colour program icons

fixed bug which caused some PCD images to be displayed topsy-turvy

fixed bug which caused a crash when displaying very long file descriptions

fixed bug where a new incoming image reset the slide show sequence mode to Forward mode

fixed bugs which caused some TGA images to be read incorrectly


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    Тип издания: Лицензия

    Язык интерфейса: Русский

    Язык озвучки: Русский

    Таблетка: Не требуется

    Системные требования:

    Операционная система: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8

    Процессор: Процессор с тактовой частотой от 2,2 ГГц;

    Оперативная память: 1 Гб

    Видеокарта: GeForce серия 7XXX и выше; Radeon серия 1XXX и выше

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    ACDSee — многофункциональный инструмент для просмотра, конвертирования, редактирования, каталогизации, сортировки, печати, публикации графических изображений самых разнообразных форматов. Кроме того, программа позволяет воспроизводить различные мультимедийные файлы. Поддерживает более 50-ти различных форматов, включая такие форматы, как JPEG, TIFF, PSD, MP3, MPG, WMV, GIF, WAV, MPEG, MOV, BMP и другие.

    Также программа осуществляет поддержку оригинальных форматов различных производителей цифровой фототехники. Фотографы смогут помещать отредактированные фотоснимки в привлекательную рамку, применять спецэффекты, загружать результаты своей работы в онлайновые фотоархивы, а также создавать красочные слайд-шоу.

    Программа ACDSee для работы с цифровыми фотографиями предоставляет вам более широкий выбор ручного и пакетного редактирования изображений, чем какой-либо другой продукт в этом классе. Инструменты, срабатывающие по одному щелчку мыши, такие, как автоматическая корректировка экспозиции, позволяют быстро исправить допущенные при съемке ошибки. Точные инструменты с возможностью указания параметров вручную позволяют максимально точно настроить цветность, яркость и контрастность снимка. В распоряжении пользователя также предоставлена функция устранения «эффекта красных глаз».

    Также вы можете поворачивать, масштабировать и обрезать кадры до стандартных экранных или печатных размеров. Кроме того, вы можете делать стилизации снимков с помощью таких фильтров, как окраска в тон сепии (Sepia). При необходимости средствами программы можно создать оригинальный CD/DVD диск с цифровыми фотографиями (цифровой фотоальбом) и записать его на пишущем приводе. Дополнительно ко всему ACDSee Photo Manager может просматривать графические файлы в ZIP и LHA архивах.


    • Просмотр, конвертирование, редактирование, каталогизация, сортировка, печать изображений

    • Поддержка более 50-ти различных графических и мультимедийных форматов файлов, включая JPEG, TIFF, PSD, MP3, MPG, WMV, GIF, WAV, MPEG, MOV, BMP и другие

    • Поддержка большого количества производителей фототехники, включая Nikon, Canon, Konica-Minolta, Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax и другие

    • Использование различных эффектов, фильтров и инструментов для редактирования графических изображений

    • Поддержка проигрывания музыкальных и видео файлов

    • Быстрый поиск фотографий и изображений

    • Видео слайд-шоу с настраиваемым аудио

    • Добавление текста к фотографиям (заголовки и описания)

    • Использование HTML альбомов

    • Поддержка Unicode

    • Возможность управления просмотром Web-презентаций при помощи установки интервала между показами фотографий в слайд-шоу

    • Защита папок с фотографиями с помощью их синхронизации

    • И многие другие возможности.

    ACDSee allows photographers to carry out all of the essential elements of the creative photography process and distribution in one place. Managing your growing photo collection has never been this painless. ACDSee is packed with tools to help you organize your photos, perfect your best, and inspire your friends and family. With an impressive array of automatic functions designed to keep your workflow flowing, a host of new filters to keep the creativity coming, and quick access to the cloud, ACDSee gives you unprecedented efficiency.

    • Digital asset management

    Organize any way you want. Add metadata, ratings, keywords, categories, and location details to your images. Quickly identify photos for further processing with visual tags and color labels. Make use of powerful search tools to find photos based on almost any criteria. With ACDSee Pro 8, even the wildest of libraries can be tamed.

    • RAW processing

    See incredibly true-to-life color representation and contrast. Get the correct white balance and exposure, and fine tune tonal distribution. Boost vibrance while protecting skin tones, and adjust saturation, brightness and hue on a color-by-color basis. Avoid color clipping during RAW conversion by leveraging your image's histogram.

    • Super fast viewing

    Count on ACDSee Pro 8 to display your photos, including the largest of RAW files, exactly the way you want, fast. View your images in real time, from their original locations, since you never have to import them into a separate library first.

    • Brush on selective edits

    Brush on any editing effect or adjustment to a targeted area of your photo, complete with size and feathering controls to get the exact look you want. Tune your images, sharpen, reduce noise, erase unwanted objects, and more.

    • Powerful batch processing

    Save an incredible amount of time. Set ACDSee Pro 8 to perform a range of workflow steps on batches of images at once. Convert formats and color space, resize, change filenames, add watermarks, and easily save them as presets to work even faster the next go around.

    • Advanced color control

    Take full control of your images with Advanced Color tools to subtly fine-tune or dramatically change hue, saturation, and lightness. And a dedicated black and white mode allows you to make hue-based brightness adjustments to your monochrome images, and to add a specific hue back in.

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    Программа StrongDC появилась как дальнейшее развитие клиента CZDC++, который, в свою очередь, "произошел" от классического DC++. Direct Connect - это peer-to-peer файлообменная система, построена по тому же принципу что и, например, eDonkey, Kazaa, Napster и т.п. То есть на компьютер ставится специальная программа - DC++-клиент, в котором указывается какие папки сделать "общими", после чего он подключается к общему серверу в локальной сети, и через сервер позволяет увидеть другие компьютеры подключенные к нему.

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    * Возможности ограничения скорости закачки

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    * Более полная настройка внешнего вида

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    ACDSee Description. ACDSee is a viewer program that allows you to organize large amounts of photos on your PC; edit them with basic editing features such as crop.

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