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Emoticons Mail 3

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Добавляет в почтовые программы Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003, Outlook Express 5.x/6.x и IncrediMail возможность быстрой вставки в письмо графических смайликов. Смайликов много - порядка восьми сотен, причем для удобства применения они разбиты на категории. Поддерживается работа со службами WebMail (Hotmail, Yahoo и т.п.).

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Emoticons Mail 3.2 Добавляет в почтовые программы Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003, Outlook Express 5.

GetSmile 1.952 Программа для участников WEB-конференций, а также всех, кто желает вставлять в свои письма красивые графические смайлики - GetSmile позволяет каталогизировать и использовать тысячи готовых картинок-смайликов, вставляя их в сообщения - в дистрибутив включено около полутысячи графических смайликов, но при желании к ним можно добавить свои собственные.

SPAMfighter 2.36 Дополнение к Microsoft Outlook и Outlook Express (поддерживаются Outlook 2000/2002 (XP) Outlook 2003 и Outlook Express 5.

MAPILab NNTP for Outlook 1.50 Описание разрабаботчика: "MAPILab NNTP позволит работать с новостями в Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP и 2003 точно так же, как в Outlook Express.

Edovia AntiSpam 3.6 Программа для борьбы со спамом, работающая совместно с Outlook 2000/2002/2003 и Outlook Express 5/6.

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    Emoticons Mail Download

    buy now $ 21.90

    An easy-to-use application that allows users to insert animated smileys in their Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email messages

    There are situations when you want to send mails that include more then just text, especially when the recipient is a person close to you, and smileys always prove the right choice in such situations. With the help of applications such as Emoticons Mail, you can enjoy access to a wide range of such animated images, thus being able to make your messages more personal.

    A simple, easy-to-use tool

    The utility comes with a straightforward interface, allowing you to easily add any of the included emoticons to your messages. The program offers access to hundreds of smileys, but makes it easy for you to find the ones that you need, as all emoticons are organized into categories.

    You can also add you own emoticons to the application, which provides you with even more email and message personalization capabilities.

    The tool can be used with various email clients, including Outlook and Outlook Express, but also allows you to take advantage of its capabilities when accessing your email via a web browser.

    Manage emoticon categories

    The program provides you with the possibility to manage the available emoticon categories, while also allowing you to download more smileys from the web, should the ones included in it are not enough.

    You can also add emoticons to a list of favorites, which offers fast access to them. Furthermore, you can also set the tool to launch at system startup, and you can resize its window to remain open next to the email client.

    Bring your emails to life effortlessly

    Courtesy of its intuitive interface, this piece of software does not require advanced computer skills to be used. Moreover, it comes in a lightweight package and does not eat a lot of computer resources, offering fast access to a great deal of emoticons.

    All in all, Emoticons Mail can easily prove an option for all of you who are interested in personalizing emails and messages with animated smileys. Although many smileys can be enjoyed for free today, the tool can still appeal to many of you, due to an intuitive interface and support for various email clients, including webmail.

    Download Emoticons Mail 3

    Download Emoticons Mail 3.2 Free

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    Download Emoticons Mail 3.2 from: Hosted by Maxplugs.com

    Emoticons Mail has been tested for viruses and malware

    This download is 100% clean of viruses. It was tested with 27 different antivirus and anti-malware programs and was clean 100% of the time. View the full Emoticons Mail virus and malware test .

    The file that was tested: emomail.exe.

    Tip: If you're experiencing trouble downloading this file, please disable any download managers to Emoticons Mail you may be using.

    If you're receiving a 404 File Not Found error, this means the publisher has taken the file offline and has not updated their links with us for Emoticons Mail. Please do drop us a note in the event of a missing file.

    Insert graphical smileys into email messages. Emoticons Mail Windows 7.

    Installing the Emoticons Mail download:

    MaxPlugs provides their software as a Windows Executable file and therefore installation is as easy as downloading the file emomail.exe and running it directly after retrieving it. We highly suggest using antivirus software before running *any* files from the Internet. The company hosting this file has a trust rating of 6/10.

    How to Add Emoticons to Email

    How to Add Emoticons to Email

    Open a new email. Type the recipients email address in the sender box.

    Type the subject of the email in the subject line.

    Type your message in the main message box of the email template.

    Type the emoticons where you want them. Some email templates have a small menu by the text options that you can click to insert emoticons.

    Press send.

    Open the web browser and go to a search engine website. Type "download emoticons" into the search box.

    Visit various links in the search results to find the type of emoticons you want. Locate the download link on the website that you choose.

    Follow the download instructions. A window pops up. Click "save" for the file to download. Open the downloaded file. Depending on your browser, it will be on the desktop or in a separate download window.

    Install the program.

    Insert the emoticons into the email. Depending on the exact program you use, the emoticons are inserted through copy and paste, toolbar or embedded image. If emoticons can be inserted by copying and pasting, right-click on the image and choose copy. Place the cursor in the email where you want to insert the picture, right-click, and choose paste. If the program has a toolbar, click on the website's toolbar tool and choose the emoticon. To embed an image, look on the email's toolbar for an image embed option. It is usually an icon with a picture on it. Through the embed window, locate the image and insert it into the email.

    Emoticons Mail 3

    Emoticons Mail is a simple programme that has hundreds of emoticons ready for being pasted in electronic mail messages, it works perfectly with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, even webmail services such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

    Emoticons Mail includes more than 900 emoticons in the package, a big number, without a doubt, a programme with so many emoticons would not be useful if it did not have with a good organisation system.

    Emoticons Mail catalogs the icons according to different categories and subcategories, making it easier to find specific icons, but it also includes a “Favourites” category where the user can add his preferred emoticons so they become easily accessible on future occasions.

    Emoticons Mail has a simple and intuitive interface, the categories are to the left and the emoticons in the selected category to the right, thanks to this disposition, browsing is very simple.

    Main Features:

    - Adds emoticons directly to mail messages

    - More than 900 included

    Windows Live Mail Emoticons

    Windows Live Mail Emoticons

    About Windows Live Mail Emoticons

    Download free emoticons and smileys for windows live messenger, yahoo with Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ and E-mail; Join more than Weet iemand of ik (en zoja hoe) extra smileys/emoticons kan toevoegen aan windows live mail. robglanerbrug is offline Download Emoticons Mail-Emoticons Mail-Insert graphical smileys in your for Windows XP and Windows Mail for Windows Vista, Windows Live Mail has Here you can find some of the best animated xmas emoticons for MSN/Live We've tested all of these emoticons with MSN and Windows Live Messenger, theyTout simplement de centaines de smileys Г  intГ©grer dans vos mails, sur vos dans un logiciel de messagerie instantanГ©e comme Windows Live Messenger ou

    2 Dec 2010 Are you tired of Windows Live Messenger's default emoticons? This tutorial will show you how to create and use your own emoticons in WLMNa een crash heb ik nu de nieuwste Windows Live Mail gedownload. Helaas zitten hier totaal géén emoticons op! Is er een toevoeging aan dit

    Emoticons Mail

    Emoticons Mail Type of Program: E-mail Utility

    Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

    Company Name: MaxPlugs

    Version: 1.3

    Price: $19.00

    Installed Size: 1.8 Mb

    The installation of this fun program is easy and intuitive. You can put the program files any place on your computer that you want.

    With this program you get a full 30 days to try out the fully featured program.

    Well the name of the program Emoticons Mail tells you what it does. It will let you add silly little smiley icons to your email to your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email messages to express your feelings. Most of them are animated

    The beauty of the program is it's simplicity. You left click once on the emoticon in Emoticons Mail and the selected emoticon appears at the insertion point in your email. (you have to create a letter in HTML format in Outlook or Outlook Express.

    Actually the REAL beauty of the program is the more than 600 smileys that are contained in Emoticons Mail. They are divided into seven categories. They are general, action, love, sad, goodies, Japanese, holidays and top 50. The top 50 are the 50 smiley emoticons that you have used the most.

    In conclusion. If you are the kind of person that likes to surprise people and give them a real treat when they see your email Emoticons Mail is for you. I can't say enough about the creative lengths that the people at MaxPlugs have gone to. Their designs are really spectacular!

    Try It! Buy It!


    User Friendly:

    Ease of Installation:

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