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Get Imo For Free Video Calls перевод слова

Get Imo For Free Video Calls перевод на русский язык

Когда вы ищете в Google или другом американском поисковике мессенджер и видеотелефон Имо, вы можете наткнуться на иностранную фразу – get imo for free video calls – перевод на русский звучит так – «получить имо видео звонки бесплатно».

Ну, или как у нас говорят “скачать видеотелефон имо на халяву”.

Если вы являетесь поклонником чего-то или кого-то, всегда интересно узнать о предмете своего интереса как можно больше. Вот, например, что означает название бренда? Что такое имо? Чаще всего бренды не имеют какого-то скрытого значения, а просто служат цели легкого запоминания и красивого звучания.

Как переводится слово IMO

IMO можно перевести как Instant Messenger – «Мгновенный Мессенджер». Имо – это имя собственное и обозначает некий объект или субъект и не должно иметь другого смысла. Мессенджер имо был создан как проект двумя американскими разработчиками, которые принимали участие в создании крупнейшей поисковой системы Google, а потом решили сделать всему компьютерному человечеству еще один подарок.

Бесплатный мессенджер с набором удобных функций, реализованный в современном минималистском стиле – долой все эти Скайповские навороты, в которых обычному пользователю непросто разработаться. В интернете довольно много отзывов от авторитетных, известных людей, которые рассказывают о том, что после знакомства с Имо они отказались от привычных скайпов и асек. Первое время мессенджер имо был интегрирован с другими популярными аналогичными сервисами. И с самых первых дней понимающие люди прогнозировали имо большой успех и, как следствие – другие сервисы коммуникации начнут вставлять палки в колеса опасному конкуренту-новичку. Если вы еще не установили последнюю версию Imo — спешите скачать Имо бесплатно на русском языке.

Так и вышло. Сначала Microsoft отказался от поддержки имо в Скайпе, потом мгновенный мессенджер Yahoo закрыл двери. После этого владельцы сервиса имо сами решили прекратить поддержку сторонних мессенджеров и отныне общаться с помощью имо можно только внутри системы.

Get Imo For Free Video Calls:

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    Imo Instant Messenger For Android - iOS Gets Free Video Calling

    imo Instant Messenger For Android & iOS Gets Free Video Calling


    In the four years since it was released. imo has managed to become a lot more than merely a medium for merging your multiple online messenger accounts. Thanks to the imo apps on Android and iPhone, users can stay in touch with their friends on the go. In recent times, the service has continued improving with the addition of new features and frequent UI changes. The biggest shortcoming of imo, though, has always been lack of video calling support. A few months back, it was announced that imo will get video chat in the near future, and the announcement was soon followed by the rollout of the feature to some alpha testers. Finally, the wait is over, and imo can now be used by all Android and iOS users to make video calls to their friends.

    At first, you might struggle to find the new video calling option after updating the app, but that’s because the folks over at imo have chosen to make the feature completely unobtrusive. Next to each contact in your friends list, there is a video camera icon that can be used to initiate a video calling session. The button is shown against every contact, but works only for those who are on imo as well; otherwise, an error message is shown.

    The video calling screen is quite simple yet efficient. You can push a video call to the background at any time you want, simply by navigating away from the app or hitting the chat button. From within a video call, it is fairly easy to switch to audio chat or instant messages, thanks to the buttons available in the bottom bar. You can also change your video feed between front and rear cams of your device. The video feature is identical on both iOS and Android.

    Although video calling is the biggest addition to imo in its latest update, the app has another significant change as well. In the Broadcast section, you can configure your messages to be posted over Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Like before, these messages can also contain photos from the camera roll, or ones that have been snapped from within imo.

    On iOS, imo has always had two separate apps; one for the iPhone and the other optimized for the bigger screen of the iPad. With the latest update of the app, however, the two variants have been merged into one universal offering. You can grab the new iOS app and the updated Android one from the appropriate links provided below.

    Imo free video calls and chat 000027 APK for Android

    imo free video calls and chat v9.8.00000000027

    imo free video calls and chat is Communication Apps for Android By imo.im.

    download last version of imo free video calls and chat Apk v9.8.00000000027 for android from GlobalAPK with direct link.

    imo free video calls and chat / Screenshots imo free video calls and chat / Description

    imo free video calls and chat is Communication Apps for Android By imo.im.

    download last version of imo free video calls and chat Apk v9.8.00000000027 for android from GlobalAPK with direct link.

    Message and video chat with your friends and family for free, no matter what device they are on!

    - Avoid SMS and phone call charges: Send unlimited messages and make free video and voice calls over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection

    - Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others

    - Share photos and videos

    - Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers!

    - Encrypted chats and calls

    2016 Official Imo For PC Download- Windows 7

    <2016> Official Imo For PC Download- Windows 7/8/10- Video Calls For Free

    Imo For Pc Download For Windows: Imo for pc is the ultimate and high proficient app which allows us to make video calling and chatting, The development of Imo app in these years are in massive manner, which become one of the most competitive social chatting app. The Imo for Android placed an important role in between the android user's and smashes the ultimate existing social apps like Facebook Messenger. Whatsapp. Hike and finally Telegram ( Usually this Telegram is not exactly an app, it can be used in pc also, Users can access the Telegram app in pc like a social page in pc ). You can easily get the Imo for android but one question will arise on your mind that is "How To Get IMO For PC ? " and " Really IMO For PC is Available ?". Here you can get the perfect solution for your questions like how to use imo for pc. The detailed guide is available below that will helps you to download this imo app and use it on your pc.

    Before Reading the solution, I will recommend you to know the complete details about Imo app. Which will helps you guys to know more knowledge and details about the imo app and it consist of exclusive features of imo app.

    Officially this Imo App is available for windows pc, for an IOS user's it is difficult to get the imo for pc version, But IOS users didn't need to get any worry because here I will provide the detailed guide about using the Imo for mac pc based versions. I will give an assurance that this imo for pc guide will satisfies all of your questions and doubts need to clarify about using this Imo app for pc. Due to this simplicity in interface, most of the android users get fanatic on this Imo app. This plays the one of the important role in overcoming the social giants like Facebook and Whatsapp. Most of the android users like simple interface and worth using apps and this Imo app satisfies both criteria of user's. This Imo for PC will have same features like chatting, sending images and calling, But the most important additional features of this imo app is to make free video calls. These are the bullet points which makes you to need the imo for pc download. I hope that provided brief details about Imo app and if you want to know more details about Imo app, it better to be see the imo pc complete guide. The below guide will provide you the complete details about using the imo for pc.

    Imo For PC Windows Download- < Complete Guide >:

    You may miss your important relations like you brother, sister and you life partner, This Imo for pc app will brings you the golden bond with you and your friends can be done through the imo video calling feature in pc. This video calling feature is not available in major social apps but this imo for pc will connect you and your relations, friends etc. One important information about the imo video calling feature is about data consumption ("Usually very low data usage"). Even though the low data consumption there will be no loss of clarity in video calling, this attracts more user's towards the imo app. Follow the instructions provided below will help you to download imo for pc instantly.

    Imo free video calls and chat for iOS - Free download and software reviews - CNET

    Editors' Review

    Imo free video calls and chat lets you keep in touch with family and friends however you want to for free, no matter how far away they are. Through this service, you can make video or audio calls, send images, and send text messages without worrying about overseas charges, text limits, or going over on your minutes.

    Group Chat: If you have several friends or family members that you'd like to be able to chat with as a group, all you have to do is add them to a group and you can all participate in the same conversation. This is a fun way to keep in touch, and it couldn't be easier to do.

    Intuitive interface: The app presents all options clearly, so you won't have any trouble figuring out how to do what you want to do. You can Invite Friends, start a New Group, access existing Groups, and browse through your individual Contacts all from the same page, and when you do want to call or text someone, buttons are clearly displayed on that person's Contact page.

    Only Imo users: You can only use this app to communicate with other Imo users. So if you have a lot of friends and family members who already use the service or are willing to sign up, it can be very useful. But if you don't, you won't get much out of it.

    Bottom Line

    Imo free video calls and chat is a useful and convenient app, provided you know other people who use it or who are willing to join. It's completely free to download and use, and it can save you on overage charges or other fees associated with using your regular cellular service.

    Get imo for free video calls

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    Get imo for Free Video Calls for Windows

    Features of Imo for Free Video Calls & Text :

    == > You can Avoid SMS and phone call charges by Sending unlimited messages and making free video and voice calls over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

    == > With this App, You can Make high-quality video and voice calls

    == > You can have Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others on this app.

    == > You can Share photos and videos with this imo.

    == >  Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers!

    == > Imo Provides Encrypted chats and calls.

    == > Imo is even Optimized for Android tablets.

    How to Download Imo for Windows / Mac PC:

    Don?t Worry. Here itself i am specifying the solution. But you need to have BlueStacks installed on your PC. Here itself i am specifying you to install bluestacks on pc of yours. Just click on the  link to know how to get BlueStacks for PC .  If you had any errors or complications have a look at this link ? Install BlueStacks without errors   .

    After BlueStacks installation. just follow the procedure below to install Imo  on pc . 

    Step 1 : Launch BlueStacks Application by tapping it?s Icon. Emulator will show it?s home page first .

    Step 2 : Hit the Search button which is like Magnifying glass image/icon .

    Step 3: Type ? imo  in text box and click on ?Search play for imo. which is the Googleplaystore link .

    Step 4 : Click on appropriate Imo Messenging  app, You will be redirected towards install option. Hit the install option and wait for few sec to install Imo  on your PC.

    Step 5 : Now go back to the homepage of BlueStacks and then navigate to all apps.You can find most trending Imo  on your PC.

    By Following the above listed steps you will get Imo  on your PC .

    Alternative. Install Imo by using Imo  APK ( Imo  APK Download )
    • Download Imo APK File from the link which i given Below :
    • Open the downloaded file by using bluestacks/Youwave or with any other android emulator.
    • Now the apk file automatically installs and then open bluestacks/other then go to all apps section. There you will find your installed Imo on PC. Now you can enjoy Imo on your windows or mac pc .
    Download Imo For Android / Smart Phone :

    Buddy, by using Imo free video call & chat  you can chat with your friends and family for free, no matter what device they are on. By using 3G or 4G or Wifi Connection you can say good bye to phone call charges.  It is optimized for Android tablets too. It Requires Android 4.0 or Plus to use this Imo Messenger Perfectly without any errors. No need to doubt this, It is also the best Messaging App for Smart Phone. To get this. Follow the Download link which i provided below.

    Download Imo For Smart Phone / Android Download Imo for iOS Device (Iphone/Ipad):

    Imo is the best messaging application which is even now available for iOS Devices. It is available in English. Arabic. Bokmal. Norwegian. Bulgarian. Czech. Danish. Dutch. Finnish. French. German. Greek. Hindi. Hungarian. Indonesian. Italian. Japanese. Korean. Malay. Portuguese. Romanian. Russian. Simplified Chinese. Slovak. Spanish. Swedish. Thai. Traditional Chinese. Turkish and Vietnamese Languages. It is developed by imo.im .Imo Messenger Requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. If you are belonging to the above listed versions you can go through the link which i presented below. Download and install it. Then what’s left! Nothing Have fun with Imo by free video chatting. To get Imo Messenger on your iOS device hit the link which is below.

    Download Imo For Iphone / Ipad

    Imo for PC Download Windows 7, 8, 10 - Mac iOS

    Imo For PC Download

    Hey friends, today we have come up with Whatsapp alternative android application Imo for PC download through this tutorial. With freedom to exchange free text messagesImo messenger also allows you to do absolutely free calls with your friends and dear ones, no matter what device they are are using. Our team has constantly striving to come up with best alternative to top messaging apps. Our focus was on how we can get app Imo for PC to run on laptop with operating system Windows 7. Windows 8. Windows 10 in simple logical steps. Method provided by our team are very easy which allows not only geek but a layman also to download the Imo free chat and video calls and other shared app with lot of ease. Imo is an instant messaging application which provides ability to share photos ,  videos and messages with your friends. This tutorial is surely going to help millions of users worldwide who are searching for using Imo on PC in Google. Yahoo and other search engines. I had been using it on my  iPad AirMacBook Pro  as well as on Windows PC at my home easily. Over 100 million users are enjoying this app on their android handset. But now with this tutorial we have broken up all hindrances to running it on your PC easily.  If you take my opinion, then I will say that Imo messenger is one of the best whatsapp alternative as well as to the social and communication giants like Facebook Messenger and many other in the line.

    Smartphone users can download it from Google Play Store and iPhone users can download it from iOS store . This application allow you share messages and an application that keeps your messages safe and secure and one of the best way to interact with your friends. No doubt its not easy to compete with popular Whatsapp for PC  even though their desktop web client is not so popular, Imo is one of the best application as it doesn’t require you to create any accounts. Most of the time we faces difficulty in using such websites for eg. Facebook is blocked to use in our offices, but we use proxy servers applications like Azar for PC to unblock it. Similarly, if you want to download Imo for PC in a very easy way  then just follow the steps below.Imo also keeps you updated as it needs you to connect to link it with all your existing IM accounts. With Imo for PC, it allows you  to make high quality video chats and voice calls and also help in group chatting with your friends and family 24*7 instantly.

    Imo For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

    With Imo you can avoid expensive SMS and phone call charges for sure. You can also send unlimited messages and make free video and voice calls. In order to use Imo for PC  to do free video calls you need a working internet connection of  3G, 4G or any Wi-Fi connection that could provide uninterrupted data transmission to m ake high-quality video and voice calls directly from your computer. While using it on Windows 7 or Windows 8 . you not only make calls but also ability to do Group chat  with friends, family, roommates and others. I had been using it on Mac iOS with the use of BlueStacks software easily. Other features of Imo are –

    • Share photos and videos
  • Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers!
  • Encrypted chats and calls
  • Optimized for Android tablets
  • This app has been working nicely with the different android smartphones, tablets or other android gadgets. But, today in this tutorial you will be able to run Imo Free Video Call for Windows 7  with the step by step explanation given below.

    Download Imo for PC or Laptop Windows 10

    You can download Imo  in your PC by any of the two methods given below:

    Method 1: This is the simplest method for downloading as you can here directly download Imo for PC from the link given below:

    Imo.apk file  Free  (Cheers. Links are again updated on 4th January 2016)

    Method 2: If you have android emulator installed on your PC or Computer then you can directly download Imo Messenger for PC just by searching this app on your emulator search section. Many android emulator software are available on the internet like BlueStacks . Andy  etc, are android emulators which can be used to download this app.

    How to download Imo for PC ?

    We have recently updated the methods and steps on Nov 2015 review by our team. We had added the instructions with the help of pictures to enhance the overall experience of running Imo on PC or laptop running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

    Imo Download and Installation guide

    Step by Step instructions for installing Imo messenger are as follows:

    Step 1: In this step you need to download the .apk file of Imo for PC Download application. You can download Imo.apk file from any of the two methods mentioned earlier in this post.

    Step 2: Download Bluestack Emulator. an android emulator to run android apps on your PC. If you have not having installed earlier on your PC, then you can through this link to understand how to work with BlueStacks App Player .

    Step 3: Now after finishing installation of the emulator. you just need to locate your app Imo for PC Download which you downloaded in Step 1, or you can also download Imo file from the BlueStacks emulator by searching it on the search box of BlueStack emulator and hit the enter and you will get Imo apk file icon.

    Searching for Apps in BlueStacks Window

    Type Imo on search and click on search play for imo

    click on the imo icon on search results of play store

    By clicking on the Imo app icon, it will launch your app and now you can run Imo Download app on your PC and enjoy it.

    click on the install icon on the play window

    Step 5: Now your app in installed on your computer. Now in the BlueStacks screen hit the icon of all apps to open imo on PC, this will list all your apps then find and click on the imo app icon as shown in below screenshot.

    Step 6: Now click on the Imo App icon and this will open it on your PC. It might take few minutes for finding any recent update on imo messenger.

    Thats it! You had successfully installed Imo for PC or computer running Windows operating system.

    Note: If you had pre-downloaded on your PC earlier, then you don’t need to download again this app from the above method as it may result in the redundancy of the application file, resulting in difficulty for emulator to fetch and install your application on your PC.

    Imo For PC Download was last modified: January 4th, 2016 by admin