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DesktopX - революционная программа, которая дает продвинутым пользователям и неопытным пользователям подобно возможность разработать их собственные рабочие столы Windows.

DesktopX работает, давая Windows его собственная собственная система объекта рабочего стола. С этим пользователи могут прибавить объекты к своим рабочим столам, которые могут сделать почти что-либо, что пользователь воображает. Объекты могут быть объединены вместе, чтобы создать миниприложения или использоваться, чтобы создать все рабочие столы.

Объектно-ориентированный рабочий стол окон возможен через матобеспечение DesktopX, которое делает его мощным инструментом, притягивая пользователей с его интерактивными функциями. Это также поддерживает большинство настольного содержания. Матобеспечение также предоставляет, чтобы создать рабочие столы согласно их вкусу и предпочтению. Настольный экран служит вдохновением для лица, чтобы продолжить работать, как только они входят в систему в систему, таким образом DesktopX служит притягивающей функцией, чтобы установить в персональном компьютере. Лучший доступ к объектам рабочего стола доступен пользователю, делающему их удобный для пользователя. Объекты рабочего стола могут быть во всех размерах и формах. Объекты среды DesktopX могут быть переменными данными или изображениями.

Объекты DesktopX могут быть экспортированы как виджеты, которые работают на их собственном пространстве памяти. Эта функция гарантирует минимальное использование системного ресурса. Пользовательские темы для рабочего стола могут быть созданы, используя это матобеспечение. Установка дополнительных файлов и время выполнения не требуется для этого матобеспечения вследствие присутствия гаджетов. Мощные и творческие виджеты могут быть созданы через DesktopX. Другие функции, поддерживавшие виджетами DesktopX, включают прогнозы погоды, системное измерение и информацию, виртуальный блокнот и т.д.

Обнови Софт рекомендует использовать программу DesktopX в соответствии с правилами интеллектуальной собственности. Обнови Софт не рекомендует использовать кряк, серийник, ключ, keygen, crack, serial для DesktopX.


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    DesktopX Download

    DesktopX Download

    Free Download DesktopX 3.5

    Easily design your own desktops or use desktops (themes) created by others to maximize your productivity and computing experience. Completely change the Windows desktop into anything you want it to be. Enhance your desktop by giving Windows the ability to have real objects on the desktop. Objects include clocks, stock tickers, calendars, weather monitors, living creatures, and thousands of other objects or widgets. Developers can use Javascript or VBScript to make their objects fully scriptable. DesktopX can even make your existing desktop look better by allowing you to have icons sized independently from the rest of the system as well as add mouse event effects.

    DesktopX is a program that lets users build their own desktops. It does this by giving users access to desktop objects. These objects can come in all sizes and shapes. They can have scripts attached to them, they can be combined together to form mini applications or turned into an entire desktop.

    1. Objects - DesktopX supports desktop objects. Objects can be live data or just images. They run as part of the DesktopX environment.

    2. Widgets - DesktopX objects can be exported as mini-applications called widgets. Widgets are similar to objects except they are actual programs (.EXEs) that run in their own memory space.

    3. Gadgets - DesktopX widgets can be exported as stand-alone programs (.EXEs) called gadgets that require no additional files or run-times to be installed.

    DesktopX can:

    1. Add desktop objects to the Windows desktop. Desktop objects are similar to the standard Windows icons except that they can be independently sized and interact with the system. For example, a hard drive icon on Windows would display a static image of a hard drive. A hard drive object might display the hard drive image with a small pie chart connected to it to display how much free space is available.

    2. Add widgets to the Windows desktop. Widgets are the big brother to desktop objects. They are essentially mini-applications that can perform a wide variety of simple tasks such as display the weather conditions in a particular zip-code, provide stock quotes, give system information, keep track of a mailed package, display the latest headlines from a news source, etc.

    3. Replace the Windows desktop. Users can replace their existing Windows desktop environment ("Explorer" which has the Windows Start bar at the bottom and icons on the desktop) with an alternative one created by someone else.

    DesktopX Pro adds the ability to export widgets as "gadgets". Gadgets are the same as widgets except for one crucial difference - gadgets are stand-alone programs and do not require a DesktopX run-time to already be installed on the person's computer to use. A gadget can be sent to anyone running Windows 2000 and XP and used just like any other program.

    When a user loads DesktopX 3, they are presented with the DesktopX Manager. This enables users to quickly access the part of DesktopX they want. Specifically, it lets people who want to use content (objects, widgets, and desktops) created for DesktopX be able to do so without interacting with the portions of DesktopX designed for people who want to develop content with DesktopX.

    Desktop Objects

    At the most basic level, DesktopX gives Windows users the ability to have live objects on their desktops. These live objects can be of any size or shape. They can also respond to user input or system events. This makes them ideal for creating "super icons" that can be everything from simple system monitoring to animated icons.

    For example, creating an animated "icon" (object) with DesktopX is very easy. A user creates a series of frames in their favorite graphics package, saves it as a .BMP or .PNG and then in DesktopX points to that image and tells DesktopX how many frames of animation there are and how fast to play it. The user now has an animated icon. Similarly, DesktopX objects can respond to messages. Instead of "My Computer" being merely a static icon, a DesktopX object of my computer might change color depending on CPU temperature or disk space available. The email icon might change how it looks or play a sound when there is email waiting.

    Desktop Widgets

    Users/Developers can take DesktopX objects and group them together to do increasingly sophisticated tasks. When they are satisfied with the results, they can export it as a .EXE called a "widget". These mini-applications can be used for a variety of things both useful and, frankly, useless. An example of a useless widget might be an animated kitten that chases your mouse cursor.

    Popular (and useful) widgets include calendars, calculators, weather monitoring, MP3 players, sticky notes, clocks, stock monitors, news feeds, search bars, and picture frames. There are thousands of useful objects and widgets already available.

    So how are widgets different from say a traditional program? What makes widgets special, as a concept, is that casual users (non-programmers) can create them. There is no "compiler" involved. Often times, a widget can be made through the existing GUI options in DesktopX. If there aren't options built in, users can use JavaScript or VB Script for the code logic part.

    As its name implies, you can also use DesktopX to build a completely new desktop environment. Movie studios, corporations, and end users alike use DesktopX to create completely new desktops.

    DesktopX can provide the functionality of the standard Windows desktop (Start menu, system tray, taskbar, etc.) but allow users to control where these items are displayed and how they will look. As a result, virtually any type of environment can be created using DesktopX.

    The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $14.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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    DesktopX - Custom Windows Desktop

    DesktopX is a revolutionary program that makes the Windows desktop fully object-oriented. It enables users to take their desktops to the next level by enabling Windows to support a host of new desktop content.

    DesktopX is a program that lets users build their own desktops. It does this by giving users access to desktop objects. These objects can come in all sizes and shapes. They can have scripts attached to them, they can be combined together to form mini applications or turned into an entire desktop.

    Objects - DesktopX supports desktop objects. Objects can be live data or just images. They run as part of the DesktopX environment.

    Widgets - DesktopX objects can be exported as mini-applications called widgets. Widgets are similar to objects except they are actual programs (.EXEs) that run in their own memory space.

    Gadgets - DesktopX widgets can be exported as stand-alone programs (.EXEs) called gadgets that require no additional files or run-times to be installed.

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    Темы для Windows XP

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    Как установить темы для Windows XP

    DesktopX 3

    DesktopX 3.5

    DesktopX 3.5 | Основное Стоимость: Пробная версия

    Русский язык: Нет

    Размер : 11.88 МБ

    Операционные системы: Vista | XP

    Добавлено: 2011-07-24 16:51:59

    Описание DesktopX 3.5 | Обзор

    DesktopX - Программа для полного изменения интерфейса рабочего стола и его настройки под свои нужды и вкусы, при этом возможно использование как уже готовых тем, так и их самостоятельное изготовление. Главное отличие от стандартного рабочего стола - отказ от значков-ярлыков, имеющих только одну функцию - указать путь до файла. Вместо значков используются "обьекты", обладающие чуть ли не безграничными возможностями в функциональности и резко контрастирующие со значками своим внешним видом (они могут быть любой формы и размера, статичными или анимированными, выполняющими одну функцию или многофункциональными), причем для их разработки в абсолютном большинстве случаев программистом быть совсем не обязательно.

    DesktopX 3

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    DesktopX 3.5 rus

    desktopx_public.rar [24.64 Mb] (cкачиваний: 869) Программа DesktopX дает возможность полностью преобразить Ваш рабочий стол, добавить туда необходимые элементы: удобные панели вождения, системы мониторинга, часы и тп. Это уникальная в своем классе программа, не смотря даже на масса подобных аналогов. DesktopX Pro не работает по принципу "shell-менеджеров", а полностью встраивается в рабочую область


    добавлять/удалять, создавать/редактировать любые элементы;

    Возможность создать анимированые обои с помощью определенных элементов, не нагружая компьютер так, как это делает программа 3D Animated Wallpaper, выдавая при этом еще и плохое качество отображения.Вы сможете добавить практически все элементы вашего рабочего стола, начиная от мини-плеера и заканчивая панелью задач Windows Longhorn.

    ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

    Download DesktopX

    DesktopX is listed in Windows Widgets category and made available by Stardock Systems for Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed DesktopX. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!

    DesktopX review by publisher Stardock Systems:

    What is DesktopX software from Stardock Systems, what is it used for and how to use it?

    Use DesktopX to build your own customized desktop.

    DesktopX security and download notice

    Download.hr periodically updates software information of DesktopX from the software publisher (Stardock Systems), but some information may be slightly out-of-date or incorrect. DesktopX version 3.2 for Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista was listed on Download.hr on 10.04.2008 and it is marked as Shareware.

    All software products that you can find on Download.hr, including DesktopX, are either free, freeware, shareware, full version, trial, demo or open-source. You can't download any crack or serial number for DesktopX on Download.hr. Every software that you are able to download on our site is freely downloadable and 100% legal. There is no crack, serial number, keygen, hack or activation key for DesktopX present here nor we support any illegal way of software activation. If you like software product please consider supporting the author and buying product. If you can not afford to buy product consider the use of alternative free products.

    DesktopX was checked for possible viruses by various leading antivirus software products and it is proven to be 100% clean and safe. Although, no malware, spyware or other malicious threats was found we strongly advise you to check product again before installing it on your PC.

    Please note that laws concerning the use of DesktopX may vary from country to country. Please be sure that you are using DesktopX in accordance with the law in your country.

    DesktopX - Scratchpad

    DesktopX utilizes the power of VBScript in an interactive desktop environment!


    The overall goal of this Wiki is to provide DesktopX coders with a resource from which to draw on pre-made code snippets and tutorials. Theres no need to be trying to remember how to properly assemble an XmlHTTP object, or a basic File System Object. Instead, we offer a place to grab quick assemblies of code to be used in whatever projects necessary. Please feel free to contribute with tutorials and script segments!

    If you are here, we presume you have at least a basic understanding of DesktopX scripting (which, by the way, is all just VBScript or Javascript). If not, we recommend that you drop by w3schools tutorials on VBScript and JScript. Over time, as this Wiki improves, we hope to have guides for beginner users, but right now the focus is more on providing experienced DesktopX coders an easy guide for commonly used code. We do encourage new users to learn about VBScript or JScript and look around here.

    If you are contributing to the Wiki, please read the proper sections on creating new pages. Also, look at the discussion page for the Overview, in order to know how to edit it and keep it up-to-date.

    Script Segments

    Feel free to contribute any useful bits of script that you find yourself using repetitively in your work. Complex functions are certainly welcome as well, but try to make sure you give an accurate and descriptive definition of what it does. Comments in your code are extremely encouraged, and try to keep things as simple as possible. The goal is to give usable chunks of code that other developers can integrate easily into their existing projects. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions to the segments in the appropriately labeled section of the page.

    Script Tutorials

    Of course, sometimes its not very easy for someone to just come along and figure out how to effectively create objects using VBScript, JScript and DesktopX. Thats why we are encouraging the submission of tutorials. Series of tutorials are also welcome, as long as its clearly marked that they are progressions from one to another. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, and can be added by editing the Comments/Suggestions section of the tutorials.