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Shazam for PC (Windows & MAC Computer) Download

I know you’re big fan of Shazam app and want to get Shazam for PC for Windows or Mac download. So here I’m with the right food for you, check it out!

Shazam is an app available basically for mobile devices which provide information related to music. The information is provided of all genres around the world that means its like a one stop access to all music field news and gossips. It allows lots of other features too which are really worth. Shazam is available on all mobile devices popular platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc but you can also download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac). Ill guide you here how you can do that easily.

Before starting with the tutorial on how to download Shazam for PC let me first introduce you with the features of Shazam.

Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac computer) Features

Shazam is available for free to use and it has got following features that you should know in order to utilize the complete feature of this amazing app which has been among the best apps for many years on the iTunes store which shows its potential.

The very first use of the Shazam app is that it can be used to find out the identity of any song by simply making the app listen to the song. The Shazam app then checks the song for its names and other details in its large database.

Once Shazam finds out the song then it can show you not even the name and album of the song but it can also show you the YouTube video and link to iTunes download it if youre using any iOS device.

Also check our How to Guides to learn some more useful tricks.

The app works so fast that in starting youll get amazed that how it can find out song details so fast and so accurate. The app has been available for long now and so its getting much more accurate and expert in this particular category.

Shazam for PC isnt available till now but still you can enjoy the Android version of the app on your PC whether its Windows or Mac. But if youve Windows 8 then you can directly download and install the app from Windows 8 app store since its completely compatible with this version of Windows.

The app not only provides you audio songs but you can also watch your favorite video songs within the app. As I mentioned above that it shows the YouTube video that clears its feature of showing video files comfortably.

The best part of the Shazam app and one of the major reasons of its popularity is that its available for free on every platform.

So guys, these were the features of the Shazam and the same features you can enjoy on the Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac) app.

How to Download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac)

Follow these steps to download Shazam for PC (Windows & Mac) easily,

  1. Download BlueStacks Android emulator on your Windows or Mac and install it.
  2. Now search for the Shazam app within the BlueStacks and install it once you found it. You can also download the APK of the Shazam Android app and then it can be installed directly in BlueStacks.

Thats it! Once the installation finish, youll be able to useShazam forWindows & Mac computer . If you have Windows 8 then you can download it directly from the Windows 8 app store.

Shazam for pc:

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    Get Shazam for PC Free

    Get Shazam for PC Free Pretty Posts

    Shazam is a music recognition app. It is a very useful app, specifically for music lovers. Using this app is very simple, as all you need to do is just hold your phone where the music is being played. The app will then search for the traces of the music on its servers and index most close results. It is available for most of the leading mobile os viz Android, Windows Phone, iOS and blackberry too.

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    How to Get Run Shazam For PC?

    Shazam is a mobile app developed for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and some other mobile OS too. It is not officially available for windows based PC. However, it can still be enjoyed on your PC. This can be done using an emulator application. For windows phone, iOS and some other mobile os there is not any reliable emulators available. However, there are some emulators available for running android apps on pc.

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    There are many android emulators available such as Bluestacks, Andy and Youwave. We will be using Bluestacks as it is most stable and reliable emulator of all the emulators available in the market. For installing shazam For PC. there are some sets of steps, which are to be followed as:

    1. Download and install Bluestacks on PC.
    2. Open Bluestacks and search for Shazam in the 1Mobile market available in the Bluestacks.
    3. Once found install it on your pc using Bluestacks.
    4. Open shazam from the app list of the Bluestacks and start finding your favorite music.

    Bluestacks can also be used to run shazam on Mac, as it is available for Mac too. Use the same steps to get Shazam For Mac too. Also, in case you have a backup of the shazam app, just open the backup apk file using Bluestacks apk file handler.

    How to Use Shazam?

    Shazam is a music recognition app, which can help you to find your favorite music without even knowing the name of the track. It uses your mobile data connectivity to find music online, although you need to have a fast network connection, particularly a 3G or a WiFi connection to be able to use the services offered by the application.

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    It takes a minute to install it. On first run, it will automatically detect the network settings and set its preferences to be worked on your device. Main screen consist of a tagging icon, which you need to touch on to start searching for the music online. Pressing the tagging icon will make the application to record the surrounding voices; you now need to move to the area where music is being played. This recording takes place for 30 seconds after which the app will automatically search and display the track title and artist name.

    Great Application, isnt it?

    You will be allowed to listen to a 30 second demo of the song. Full song can also be downloaded using the link provided in the app respective to the song. Usually the song will be downloaded for the Amazon MP3 store in case of an Android device. For iOS devices song will be obtained from the iTunes store.

    Furthermore the song can also be shared on the social networking sites as Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, songs video can be watched on YouTube and song can be streamed on spotify in case you are a premium member. There is lot more of stuff that you can do using shazam, and is the prefect application for music freaks or even for those who always find themselves helpless in finding the correct name of the music they listed playing at bar or some other place.

    Shazam for PC Free Download and Installation

    Shazam for PC Free Download and Installation

    Jul 29, 2013

    Shazam is one of the engrossing mobile apps, which was in existence back during Java based mobile phones. It offers an intriguing reverse music search engine which enables you to identify songs. You can Download Shazam for PC as well by following a few simple instructions.

    Similar to Tineye’s counterpart for music, if you place your SmartPhone near any speaker, it can identify the song playing by analyzing the acoustic patterns and also displays relevant information such as artist, Year of composition, Publisher, e.t.c.

    Shazam for PC is pretty useful for music freaks, if they wish to know details regarding any song or a music snippet they get to hear. In addition to music identification, it provides a great source of entertainment by syndicating music from various sources like Amazon, Youtube, iTunes, e.t.c.

    It is available in three different versions, Free, Pay per Use and Encore versions. The free version is of course ad supported and limited to a few searches itself. The encore version isn’t equipped with obstructing ads and sponsored messages and features unlimited usage quota.

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    Download Shazam for PC

    It is available for Windows 8 directly for free. It includes numerous intriguing features such as unlimited reverse searches, Social Media integration, Song Lyrics and an improved User interface and Splash screen.

    You can get Shazam for Windows 8 here (Free version).

    If you don’t a Windows 8 platformed PC, you can also download Shazam for Windows 7/Vista/XP as well. For now reverse compatibility of Windows 8 apps on older versions isn’t possible, so we need to implement and emulator.

    • Basically, Download BlueStacks App Player (Follow the on-page instructions for more details).
    • It enables users to emulate Android applications and games on their Windows/Mac platformed computers.
    • After installation, you can either download Shazam APK from an official source and Run it or directly install it on BlueStacks.
    • To install it on the emulator, you need to follow a few simple instructions.
    • First Run the emulator, use the SpyGlass feature (Search function) and search for ‘Shazam’.
    • Click on a relevant result and install it. After installation, go the home screen and click on it’s icon.
    • That’s it, you are now running the Smartphone version on your PC, provided an internet connection.

    If there is any ambiguity in any aspect of the tutorial or instructions provided, let me know through comments or contact form. I will try to clarify it out for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list.

    Shazam like app for PC? Software Discussion & Support - Neowin Forums

    mofo99099 0

    I tried Tunatic and it found both of the songs I was looking for. One song was contained in a video (unrelated to the song), and the other was embedded in a web page.

    The software connects to remote servers which I guess have a database of songs and music. Once the match is found, you can click on the results and it takes you to a page with iTunes, lyrics, and ringtone links.

    mofo99099 0

    Let me guess; You're working for Sylvain Demongeot, right?

    Nope. I didn't even know who Sylvain was until I Googled it.

    I was looking for a Shazam type program that works on PCs and I found this thread.

    If I was working for whoever, why would I wait like 7 months to post on here? I'd be on it like white on rice.

    And just because my post is gives a positive review of the software, and I don't write l1k3 a 14 y34r old n00b, this does not mean I'm a plant. Plus isn't Tunatic freeware anyway?

    And just to let you know, Tunatic gave me misses when I first used it, meaning it gave me wrong results. It seems to work best when you do the Tunatic search about halfway through the song playing, not from the beginning. So there you go, I'm pointing out that the software isn't perfect. Plants don't point out bugs, correct?

    I'm just giving my props to Tunatic because it helped me find the songs I was looking for.

    And if you don't believe me I don't care and you suck balls. LOL

    Edited 13 Jun 2009 by mofo99099

    How to install Shazam for PC (Windows 7

    How to install Shazam for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

    How to install Shazam for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac) 5.00 / 5 (100.00%) 3 votes

    Download free Shazam and discover what is the song that is playing.

    The Shazam is an application available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Mobile 8-that identifies what is the song that’s playing, without requiring you to make any kind of Internet search or consult a friend. Just click on the button “Shazam” to him to find out what is that song you love and always plays on the radio, but you have no idea what the name or who sings it. Download Shazam!

    It’s pretty simple to use and, as soon as I start the music, you just need to click on the tag and leave the cell phone next to the sound. After that, the Shazam shows the name of the artist and the music.

    In addition to this excellent function to recognize the songs, the Shazam application also offers various information about artists, as a day of concerts, discography, albums, biography synopsis and other data so you know a little more about the band/singer (a). If wanted, the app also lets you check out the videos posted on YouTube.

    Shazam also allows you to buy the sound directly from Amazon and iTunes so I can play it anytime on your mobile device or computer. If you want to share the results with your friends, the app allows you to publish the name of the song on Twitter, Facebook, Google + or even send it via email.

    Do it now to download Shazam and always know what’s currently playing song!

    • Ease of use
    • Optimal performance
    • In Portuguese
    • Well interactive
    • Does not show letters
    • Some songs do not have the preview of 30 seconds
    • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Shazam on a PC

    Shazam for PC

    Shazam for PC

    Shazam is an innovative application that will tell you the name, artist and album of a song among other characteristics! Nowadays, Shazam is one of the most popular applications for mobile device, and it is completely free!

    But now the question is… Can you have Shazam in your laptop, tablet or PC. besides of your smartphone? The answer is yes. As long as you have a PC or tablet that runs Windows 8. you will be able to download Shazam there for free!

    To do it, you will just need to enter Windows store. write Shazam on the searcher and download it! With Shazam in your computer you will be able to:

    • Tag songs and TV shows
    • Sing along the songs you have shazamed thanks to the lyrics
    • Remember what you have tagged before in My Tag View
    • Run two apps at one time
    • New graphics
    • Share what you discover on Facebook and Twitter

    With Shazam tagging has no limits. so you can tag as many songs as you like and use Shazam anywhere, anytime! Once you have tagged a song, this amazing application will allow you to purchase it from iTunes. watch its video from Youtube. use LyricPlay and sing along to streamed lyrics, to share tags on Shazam friends. Twitter. Facebook and Google+. But if these dont seem enough, you will also be able to preview and search your favourite tags, to discover the artists of the song biography and discography! Moreover, with Shazams Interactive Maps you will be able to explore the most popular hits around the whole world!

    You can tag your favourite songs even if you have no coverage. As soon as you have a connection Shazam will match. So dont worry if you hear a fabulous song and your are out of internet, Shazam has it all under control!

    Is Shazam witchcraft? No, its absolutely not. It has a very complicated, well thought-out system. You need to tag a song for 10 seconds and after that, the application analyzes the captured sound and seeks a match based on acoustic fingerprint in a database of more than 11 million songs.

    So, now that you know that Shazam is also available for PC. you have no more excuses to not download it! Enter Windows Store, do a quick search and start tagging songs and discovering new amazing music!

    How to Download Shazam for PC - Install for Free AppNina

    How to Download Shazam for PC – Install for Free

    One of the very popular mobile application is Shazam. This super cool application helps you recognize any song you are listening. It turns out that Shazam is not the only popular app in this category (and is being reviewed at AppNina), we recently posted a tutorial on using SoundHound for PC (this app is also used by millions of people all over the world).

    Coming to Shazam, it is a great alternative to Soundhound. The app allows you to recognize just song you are listening – yes just any music. And not only it recognizes the song but it will also tell you its details – singer, album etc. However Shazam app is a mobile application and works only on mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Windows8, Nokia etc). It uses your phone’s microphone to record the song, sends it over to the server and then decrypt the song. It works pretty good to identify unknown music.

    The Shazam app works so well that it can recognize the music within few seconds. You just need to open the application (when the song/music is already playing and your phone is connected to internet), and let the app do its work. We said that Shazam is a mobile app, however in this article we will show a way with which you will be actually able to use “Shazam on your computer “.

    What is Shazam – Feature Set

    You went to a party and there is a super awesome music playing. But you are not able to know recognize the song – you don’t know its name. You want to know its name, download the song on your phone, know its singer and album – basically you want to know every detail of this song.

    Well Shazam can help you here – this is what it is all about! It connects more than 275 million in 200 countries and in 33 languages.

    • Search, Discover and Recognize Music and Songs – Its main primary feature!
    • Buy tracks on Amazon MP3
    • Watch the videos on YouTube
    • See what your friends have Shazamed
    • Use LyricPlay to sing along to streamed lyrics
    • Listen to the music you Shazam in Rdio or Spotify
    • Check out the artists bio and discography
    • Preview and save your favourites
    • Share what you Shazam on Twitter, Facebook & Google+
    • Shazam even when you dont have any coverage; Shazam will match when you have a connection and get back to you with the result
    • Shazam from your phones home screen with the Shazam Widget
    Shazam for PC

    We mentioned in the article earlier that Shazam is a mobile application, however just by following simple steps you will be able to use Shazam on your computer. You will be able to search, discover and listen to music on your computer (for free). With the Shazam app you will get all of its feature straight on to your PC – which includes recognizing music, music search and discovery, live lyrics etc..

    Requirements. Like SoundHound, you will need to make sure of following requirements:

    1. Computer Desktop or Laptop
    2. Internet Connection (broadband) on your computer
    3. PC with 2 GB of ram in short a fast computer
    4. Microphone and Speakers Mic will actually record the music

    Getting Shazam on PC. Next and big question is how is it going to work. Shazam is available for android mobile so if we somehow run Android on our computer then we will be able to use android apps on your PC (laptop or desktop) including Shazam. We will first install an android emulator on our computer here we are relying on the very famous android emulator named BlueStacks . Once we install this piece of software (Bluestacks) we will be able to run any android application on our computer. Android emulators are simple software which can give you feel of android mobile phone directly on your PC. Just follow the steps listed below and you will be running Shazam on PC .

    Installing BlueStacks – Android Emulator on PC

    I hope you have understood how we are going to install Shazam on computer. As I mentioned getting BlueStacks is the first thing we need to complete. This android player though simple to download and install, however the right configuration needs to be done. Moreover some non techy people do face difficulty getting it up and running on their computer.

    To help those people what we have done is written a detailed step by step tutorial and also created a video guide for the same. Simply follow the below video and you should be able to install Bluestacks on your computer. And yes it free.

    Please make you sure that you follow the above tutorial step by step and install the BlueStacks app player correctly. If you are facing any BlueStacks Issue, consider reading our solution guide on BlueStacks .

    Install Shazam on PC

    Once you have the bluestacks android app player on your computer, you simply need to install Shazam app on it. Its quite simple. Follow the below steps

    • Open BlueStacks Android Emulator which you have installed on your computer.
    • On the home screen of BlueStacks you will see a search icon where you can search for particular application. Click the search icon and type Shazam
    • This will list down various Shazam options (in three different columns). Though you have option to select any app, however I would suggest you to select the leftmost app from Amazon.
    • Click on Install Shazam and this will install it on your PC
    • It will start downloading Shazam, and eventually after the download the installation will begin immediately.
    • Once downloaded, it will be visible in the My Apps Gallery (comes up when you click the home button). Click Shazam App in My Apps to open this application

    Using this is quite simple – just use it as you would have used on your mobile phone. There is nothing special on your computer. You simply play the music and it will recognize the song.

    Shazam for PC (Windows 7

    Shazam for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) Free Download – Installation Guide

    Music is a very important part of almost every human being and these days we got lots of gadgets which help us to be close to music. I know about one great music app which is available since many years. The app is named Shazam and Im here with a tutorial on how to get Shazam for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) free download .

    Ill also share the installation guide here which you probably need. The installation guide is going to be simple and as youre a music lover so youre definitely going to love this app.

    Features of Shazam for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

    Shazam app provides a clean and simple user interface to the users using which they can find lots of things about music. They can search for songs and videos easily.

    This app can listen to any part of a song and can tell you the complete details about it.

    Many times, it happens that we cant remember the name and details of a song but we got a little soundtrack of it or we wish to know all the details of a particular song. Here comes the role of Shazam app as we can search complete details about any song using this app.

    As its an old app so it got a large database and covered millions of songs. It can also show you video of a particular song over YouTube and to do so you dont have to do anything. The app does it automatically.

    You can purchase the genuine licensed song from the app like you do in either iTunes or any other music store. You can buy new or old albums easily and off course youre going to get best quality of that song.

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    So if youre having a song named Track011 or Preview or any other custom name rather than actual name of the song then Shazam is going to help you out. This is where Shazam is extremely useful and you must have that installed on your PC.

    How to Get Shazam for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) free Download

    Im writing down simple steps below and you need to follow them. If youre running on Windows 8 OS or Windows 8.1 OS then you can download Shazam for Windows 8 directly from the Windows store or from this link .

    Other users need to follow these steps,

    1. Download BlueStacks on your PC and install it. This is an Android emulator using which you can play Android apps on PC.
    2. Run BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Shazam app.
    3. Youll find Shazam app in the search result and then you can install it within the BlueStacks.

    This is how you can download Shazam for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) . Now you can easily use Shazam and find information about any song right there on your PC. I hope you found this tutorial easy and helpful so do share it with your friends over Facebook, Twitter and Google+.