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FOLDER ICON Иконки папок

Вашему вниманию предложено несколько наборов красивейших Folder icon переведенных в формат Windows из различных Mac, Unix и Linux систем.

Folder icon помогают пользователю ориентироваться в интерфейсе Windows, выполняя роль элементов информационного менеджмента. Комбинируя различные иконки, можно отлично украсить свой компьютер.

Для каждой folder можно создать свою индивидуальную icon. Для изменения folder icon выполните следующее:

1. Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши на icon выбранной folder

2. Выберите в раскрывшемся меню пункт Свойства / Настройка / Сменить значек

Если в предложенном сборнике icons не найдется нужной то можно поискать в наших сборниках icons.

Иконки, как и обои, определяют внешний вид рабочего стола. Иконки представляют собой разнообразные ярлычки к программам, располагающиеся на рабочем столе и на панели быстрого запуска. Как правило, все они имеют стандартный вид на компьютерах большинства пользователей. Чтобы придать неповторимый вид интерфейсу своего компьютера, попробуйте заменить иконки - это внесет необходимую изюминку в рутину повседневной работы и поможет выделиться среди однотипных интерфейсов компьютеров других пользователей.

Icons облегчают доступ к документу или файлу. Если щелкнуть на иконке, то Windows запустит приложение, в котором был создан документ, и откроет его в окне документа. Все это хорошо, но стандартные folder icons на рабочем столе Windows выглядят уж очень однообразно и со временем несколько надоедают. Но выбор конечно только за вами стоит ли сделать замену вашим icons или нет.

Folder Icon:

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    Folder Icon Changer Download

    Customize the default icons of any folder or drive

    In case you're looking for a quick way to change the icon of any folder on your system, Folder Icon Changer is one of the apps that promise to offer that to you and much more.

    Folder Icon Changer was especially developed with this goal in mind, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it offers exactly the features users expect from this kind of app.

    For example, the interface is far from the well-organized look we've imagined, showing not only advertisements, but also boasting some rather unprofessional looking buttons.

    Folder Icon Changer can automatically extract icons from a file or search for icons in a specific directory, so all you need to do is to provide the path to either the file or the folder.

    You can even save an icon separately on your system or save all found icons, which basically allows you to use them at a later date for different folders.

    Changing the icon of a specific folder is easy as pie because you just need to input the path to the target folder, choose the new icon and hit the “Apply” button.

    Obviously, Folder Icon Changer does the whole thing pretty fast and it takes just a few seconds to change the icon. It works okay on most Windows versions, but keep in mind that you need administrator privileges to pick a new icon for specific Windows 7 folders.

    All in all, Folder Icon Changer does what it says but it urgently needs some updates, especially when it comes to the interface.

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    Customizing folder icons

    Customizing folder icons

    Windows Explorer (and other file managers) can display a different icon for each folder. Customization can be simplified by specialized tools, but every folder can be also customized manually using resources available in default Windows installation.

    The customization procedure varies for different kinds of folders:

    Special folders

    All versions of Windows since '95 allow users to customize the 5 standard icons: My Computer, My Documents, Network Neighborhood, and Recycle bin (empty and full). These icons are best changed from the Windows Control Panel.

    When changing them in in registry, you'll find them here:

    The values are set to path to a file with icon and the index or identifier of the icon inside the file.

    The icon of My Documents folder is changed just like a standard folder icon:

    Normal folders

    Normal folders are folders made by users and root folders of hard drives, USB memory sticks, DVDs, CDs, floppies, etc. These folders can be customized by placing a Desktop.ini file to a folder and marking the folder with the read-only (system) attribute.

    Example Desktop.ini:

    IconFile entry specifies the file with icon. It may be by an .ico file or an executable file (.dll. exe. ocx. icl. ) with multiple icons. The IconIndex field is used when the file contains more than one icon. If the value is greater or equal to 0, it specifies a zero-based index of the icon inside the file. If it is less than 0, the absolute value specifies icon's identifier in the executable file.

    In some Desktop.ini files, you may use an IconResource entry:

    There is no documentation from Microsoft on this entry, but it seems to override the previous icon specification on Vista and combines the two values in one. If you are customizing a folder with this entry and if you want to use your own icon, you should delete this line.

    The Desktop.ini file should have the hidden and system attributes and it may already exist in a folder. To display hidden files, go to Folder Options (accessible from menu or the Organize button in Explorer on Vista). Then let Explorer show hidden and system files as shown on the screenshot by the .

    The Desktop.ini file may contain other entries, which are not related to icons.

    Explorer needs to be notified about the change to reflect it. Log out an in again.

    40 Useful Free Folder Icon Sets

    40 Useful Free Folder Icon Sets

    Our computer is considered to be our personal library where our important documents are saved and organized. Hence, we tend to make our desktop personalized so as to make it more private and enticing. One of the usual items we see in computers are Folder icons where files are kept and saved. These icons, though small and seem irrelevant, plays an important role for computer-users everywhere. It organize our files to make them more easier to navigate and to identify. Most folder icons are presented in a plain yellow-colored folder images with. Recently, with the progress of technology and creativity, folder icons have also been innovated to make them more interesting and more detailed.

    Not only for computers, icons also have a very important role online.For your websites and blogs, Be sure to check out these high quality icons and social media icons that can help give a boost to your site’s aesthetic design and navigation.

    Here, 40 Useful Free Folder Icon Sets showcases several icons that you can download right into your desktop and apply them to your existing folders. Come and check out these colorful and cute icons that will surely please your everyday computer usage… Enjoy!

    2014 Update:

    We have expanded this post by adding more free icons below for you to choose from. Go ahead and take a look on some of the freshest styles that would perfectly look fine to your desktops. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

    Folder Icon Pack

    Folder Icon Set

    Folder Icons - Maintain Website Perfectly

    The age of the Internet is offering wonderful opportunities to people those are addicted to color icon. If you browse the Internet for icon folder, you can find lots of websites those are running successfully and offering groundbreaking results. Well, designing a website with save icon is not easy, lots of serious tactics are implemented to make the site looking great with file icon. If you are a web developer and finding out ways to maintain a website, then you must need folder icons.

    Body: It is really crucial to preserve icon images and other important data in a safe mode. For this, icon folder offers lots of importance and can give you lots of results. Folder icons are basically used for personal and commercial products for presentation, blogs, and websites. Definitely, your system will offer a dashing look with color icon. You can get icon folder in various sizes and designs like 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256. With the help of this icon you will be able to regulate your website on daily basis. It comes in different size and shape that you can choose. If you want to know more this icon then you can get information online about folder icons and its funtions.

    Color icon is of two types True color and 256 colors. You can easily save icon in various formats like BMP, GIF, PNG, CUR, ANI, EXE, ICL, DLL, SCR, IL, NIL, DCR, RES, OCX, VBX, DPL, and BPL. You can compress these folders to RAR archive and Zip. Every website designer and web developer always looks for methods to make the site looking gorgeous and this can only be done with file icon. These icons are Vista Compatible and for other applications.

    Icon is not only designed to store it in your local hard drive, but has the power to run in the online arena. With the help of color icon, you can also design your own icons and offer your website a sleek look. Dive into the online arena and look for websites those are offering save icon options. File icon will offer great navigations features that will make your website best and running successfully.

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    How to Change Folder Icon Color in Windows

    How to Change Folder Icon Color in Windows

    Are you a very organized person who likes to color-code all of your folders at work or at home? If you’re into visually organizing your paperwork, then you might also be excited to know that you can do the same thing for all of your digital folders too!

    Imagine being able to change the icon color for folders so that your financial folder can be green (like money) and your tasks folder can be red (urgent maybe?). Well there are two nifty little programs out there, one free and the other paid, that you can use to easily change the color of any folder on your computer.

    You can also use them to change the folder icon to represent the state of that folder, for example if you have a folder with private data, you can change the icon to have a small lock appear.

    Folder Marker

    The first program is Folder Marker and once installed, you can markup folders in two ways. Firstly, you can simply launch the application, choose the folder you want to mark, and then pick the icon you want to replace for that folder. If you want to color code more than one folder at a time, click on Folder in the nav bar and then check Multiple Folders .

    You can choose from the Colors tab, the Main tab and User Icons. The Main tab basically has a set of icons corresponding to a various states like upload, download, private files, notes, etc.

    If you already have icons that you like or that you have created yourself, you can actually click on the User Icons tab and add them to Folder Marker. You can then mark folders with the custom icons. Read my previous post on converting images into icon format that you can then use with Folder Marker. You can also find more icons by extracting them from the executable files of programs installed on your computer.

    Also, if you click on Action, you’ll see a couple of useful options. Firstly, you can always select a folder and choose Restore Default Icon for Chosen Folder(s) to revert back to whatever the original icon happened to be. Secondly, you can change the actual default system icon for a folder to something else so that all normal folders will use that new icon by default rather than the default Windows folder icon. You can also restore the default system folder icon easily. If everything is a mess, you can click Rollback All Changes and everything you’ve done will be cleared.

    The second way you can mark folders with these special icons is by simply right-clicking on them and navigating to the Mark Folder menu! If this program didn’t have the option in the right-click context menu for changing the folder icon, I would not have recommended it, because having it makes it so much easier to use.

    And that’s it! You can now organize your folders in Windows in a visually appealing and recognizable way! Check out my My Documents folder after color coding and using some of the preset icons in the program.

    Now I can easily see which are my secure folders, my important folders, my work folders, and so on! Overall, Folder Marker is a great and free way to organize your folders in Windows by color coding them or changing the folder icon. The free version was fine for me, but they also have two paid versions. for $25 and $35, that include more icon sets and have a few extra features like the ability to select all subfolders, etc.

    Another good program for changing the folder icon colors in Windows is FolderIco. It’s actually got more icons and better ones than Folder Marker, but I mention it last because it’s not free. You can download and play around with the trial version, but once it expires, you’ll have to pay $10 for a license. It’s not a bad price, but if you can manage with Folder Marker, then there really is no reason to buy this program.

    Once you install it, you can adjust the folder icons in the same way as Folder Marker: either use the main program interface or use the right-click context menu.

    You select the folder and then choose your custom icon by clicking on one of the tabs. You can pick from colors, a couple of predefined icons or choose a custom icon on the User Icons tab. This program also lets you change the tooltip for a folder, which is a nice little feature. Secondly, you can pick an overlay also for the icon.

    So those are two options for changing the colors on your folder icons in Windows. FolderIco is a little bit more professional looking and has some nicer icons, so it might be worth the $10 for some. Otherwise, you can do it all for free using Folder Marker. Enjoy!

    Folder icon - это

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    Guide How to Change Default Folder Icons in Windows

    [Guide] How to Change Default Folder Icons in Windows

    This tutorial has been written by AskVG reader "Slinky Grafix ".

    This simple method of changing the standard, default and ugly folder icons in Windows operating system has existed for many years and does not involve modifying any system file using Resource Hacker or any other tool. It can be applied easily with the help of a simple Registry tweak.

    To make it easier to follow, this tutorial has been broken down into 2 parts:

    • PART 1: How to change default folder icon
    • PART 2: How to customize individual folder icon

    PS: Also see the "Tips for Using Customizing Icons" given at the end of this tutorial.

    So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

    PART 1: How to Change Default Folder Icon

    1. On your keyboard press WIN+R keys together to open the Run dialog box. Now type regedit and click on OK button to launch Registry Editor.

    2. Now go to following Registry key:


    3. With the Explorer key highlighted, right-click on it and in the pop-up menu select New -> Key option. Name this new key as Shell Icons

    4. Now in right-side pane, right-click on a blank area and in the pop-up menu select New -> String Value. do this twice and name these string values to 3 and 4

    5. Double-click on each String and set their value to C:\Icons\Folder.ico

    6. Now close Registry Editor and open an Explorer Window.

    7. Open C: Drive and create a new folder and set its name as Icons

    8. Open Icons folder and place the icon file (.ICO) you want to use as your new folder icon in this folder. Name this new icon file as Folder.ico

    9. Now restart your computer to take effect.

    Once the computer restarts, open an Explorer window and you should see your new folder icons.

    If you like to view large folder icons as shown in the image above, you can change this in the "View " menu on the Explorer toolbar. To make large icons show correctly you'll also need to enable "Always show icons, never thumbnails " option in the "Folder Options " menu:

    The change mentioned above in the "Folder Options" has one undesirable effect which prevents thumbnail images appearing on some files. Thankfully however, there's a simple solution to this problem. You'll need to download and install the free program called "Sage Thumbs". Sage Thumbs will restore those missing thumbnail images once more:

    PART 2: How to Customize Individual Folder Icon

    So if you've got this far, you might have noticed that some Windows Icons have not changed, especially in the "Users " folder. Changing these individual folder icons or any others for that matter is very easy to accomplish.

    Simply right-click on the folder you wish to change and in the "Properties " tab, select the "Customize " tab. Here you can choose another icon of your choice.

    Here's a before screenshot:

    Here's a screenshot after customization:

    Tips for Using Customized Icons

    Can I use any kind of Icon?

    => No! Only icons with the file extension '.ico' can be used. Windows 10 can show very large icons in the Explorer window, each icon is made up of several icons of differing sizes, typically these sizes are as follows:

    256, 64, 48, 40, 32, 24, 20, 16 [All icons are 32-bit true color + Alpha channel]

    If you're not sure about a particular size, open the icon in an icon editor to see what sizes are contained within the icon. There are many free icon editors available for this purpose. My favorite is IcoFX.

    Where can I get customized icons?

    => Luckily there are many icon resources available online, here are some of my favorites:

    • deviantart.com/browse/all/customization/icons/os/win/
    • iconarchive.com
    • findicons.com
    • veryicon.com