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Наибольшая русскоязычная база с чит кодами, трейнерами и прохождениями для компьютерных игр. Все чит коды переведены и проверены лично нами. Количество игр представленных в текущей версии - 11161.

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  • CheMax Team | 2016-01-04

Эта программа представляет собой бесплатный аналог Adobe Photoshop. Она точно также включает в себя множество инструментов для работы с растровой графикой, и даже имеет ряд инструментов для векторной графики. GIMP это полноценная замена Photoshop.

  • ОС: Windows
  • The GIMP Team | 2016-01-04

Мощная и бесплатная антивирусная программа, которая защитить ваш компьютер от всяческих угроз, включая вирусы, трояны, и т.д. AVG Anti-Virus Free также защитить вас в Интернете от потенциально опасных веб-сайтов и других видов угроз.

  • ОС: Windows
  • AVG | 2016-01-04

Webshots Desktop:

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    Webshots Desktop 2006 Review - Alternatives - Free download - Is a free photo management application

    Webshots Desktop 2006 6 May 2011
  • 9,004 (12 last week)
  • " Is a free photo management application "

    Webshots Desktop is a free wallpapers and screensavers manager. It offers tools to share your personal photos, as well as download professional photos for your desktop.

    Once a web service, Webshots is now a fully-fledged desktop application with a knack on making things easier when it comes to wallpapers and screensavers. The application supports comfy drag-and-drop feature for users to upload their personal photographs and share them with their friends and family right from Windows.

    Members get access to a massive library of gorgeous professional photographs. Being a free account holder, user can download a limited number of premium pictures per day. There are free photographs available in the library, too. The professional photo network offered by Webshots comprises hundreds of fascinating photographs users can enjoy on their desktops, be it PC, tablet or mobile phone.

    Webshots Desktop comes in a clean installation pack free from adware and bundled items. It runs on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems without restrictions. It is available free of charge, but offers a premium membership for extended features.

    The Webshots Desktop interface could be more streamlined than it is now. We would like to see the ‘Back’ button because saving a photograph to My Library and going back to a specific gallery requires loading the gallery all over again which may be a lengthy process depending on Internet connection.

    Interface comprises tabs with a number of features most of which open up a link in the browser. Overall, GUI is intuitive, but not very convenient.

    • Wallpaper and screensaver manager in one application.
    • The possibility to set keyboard shortcuts to cycle the photographs as wallpaper.
    • Scheduling wallpaper cycling.
    • Calendar.
    • Screensaver effects.
    • Detects digital cameras and card readers.
    • The possibility to upload and share photographs.
    • Access to professional photographs.
    • The possibility to create customized photo wallpapers.
    • Full-screen slideshows.
    • Direct upload from digital media to online gallery.
    • Easy-to-use application with a comprehensive approach to different types of digital media.
    • Both novice and advanced users will find it useful.

    On the one hand, the impressive collection of quality professional photographs that can be used as wallpapers and screensavers is a big lure to potential customers. On the other hand, the functions and opportunities of a free account are very limited. Users have two options: either pay for a premium membership, or lose the interest in the application altogether. Free members can download one wallpaper of 800x600 resolution per day. Besides, the personal upload is limited, too. Files are in WBZ format which is not convenient and limits these photographs to Webshots application only.

    The interface lacks flexibility and features of a web browser making the process of selecting or uploading photographs a lengthy process.

    Calendar feature is not attractive at all. The Calendar itself is not customizable, so if you are unhappy with transparency, font or color, you will have to do without it. It would be more convenient if the Calendar feature would be more customizable and in the form of desktop gadget you can place wherever you like.

    Another disadvantage of the application is that it uses the web browser for way too many functions.

    Starter Background Changer Free allows to customize your wallpaper in Windows 7. Wallpaper Cycler Lite allows to regularly update your wallpapers. DeskScapes allows you to cycle your wallpaper in XP, Vista and 7. It offers users to customize their Windows desktop wallpaper with effects, animation and a variety of other options.

    Webshots Desktop offers a huge collection of fascinating and awe-inspiring professional photographs as wallpapers and screensavers for Windows desktops. The program also offers convenient sharing options. This utility is useful for desktop wallpapers maniacs assemble and organize their extensive collections, as well as share and download some of the most beautiful photos on the web. However, to be able to fully enjoy this application, users will need to upgrade to paid membership. Otherwise, there is only very little you can do with it.

  • Webshots Desktop - Download

    Webshots Desktop

    These days, it seems like computers are everywhere you look. Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, even our phones - everyone is connected, and they want that connection to be as personal as possible. One easy way to show off who you are through your technology is by having a fresh, unique desktop. The standard offerings one has access to on their own machine are ok, but they can feel a bit bland, especially as time passes. One solution to this problem is the Webshots Desktop.

    The Webshots Desktop is a Windows program that allows the user to amass and manage a library of desktops and wallpapers through the use of its own vast database of images. The basic version is free, but limited. There is a pro version that lifts these restrictions, but it will cost you. Webshots itself has been around for a while, but this program is relatively new. It is community driven, and largely tethered to your web browser.

    The Webshots Desktop contains both flaws and positive attributes. You can read below to see a brief pro/con summary of this program.

    The Webshots Desktop library is truly vast, probably due to a combination of its age and the fact that it is somewhat community-driven. If you can't find anything you like, or if you think you've got something cool to add, users can contribute their own images.

    This program is Windows-only, so Mac users and others are left to find an equivalent on their own. A free version does exist, but it is almost painfully limited, and both versions rely quite heavily on the user having Internet access; a stable web connection is imperative.

    The decision to use or not use this program is left to the user alone, but the above review should make their decision an easy and educated one.

    Webshots Desktop free download

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    Webshots Desktop (free) - Download Latest version in english for Windows on CCM

    Webshots Desktop

    Webshots Desktop is a software that allows the user to edit and download different type of image from the Web. This is convenient for iDevice and computer wallpaper.

    Key Features

    Downloading: Webshots Desktop 's main function is to download image that can be used as a background or screensaver. For that, the user only has to tape the topic of image he is looking for on its integrated browser.

    Editing: this option gives the user the possibility to adjust the color sharpness, the brightness as well as the size of image so as it can fit the screen. Of course, it supports popular format like jpg, gif, tiff, and more.

    Setting: Webshots Desktop has an option to automatically aware the user for new daily photo available in the gallery. In addition to that, it has a screensaver control to predefine the display time of each photo.

    Customized calendar: It is equipped with an option to regulate automatically the display image of the calendar. Indeed, the user can adjust some setting like its position on the screen, the text font and the starting day of the week.

    System requirements

    OS: Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista

    RAM: 512MB

    Internet access required

    Required disk space: 10MB

    Webshots Desktop Download


    Photo management application

    Desktop customization is always a fun activity, especially when it comes to wallpapers and screensavers. However, finding the content to suit your needs may be a bit tricky. For this purpose, though, you can check out one of the many dedicated applications.

    Among them, there's Webshots Desktop, a software solution that was specifically designed to provide not only a powerful photo manager, but also a lot of goodies for your personal computer. All you'll need is an account for the Webshots service and this desktop client.

    The main purpose of the utility is to let your Windows machine enjoy the beauties of Webshots, so besides the photo manager, you can also browse the online galleries, set new wallpapers, upload photos into your account and so on.

    After the installation, some users may find the interface a bit complicated because there are quite a few buttons to push and menus to browse in order to discover all the features of this program.

    Webshots Desktop is full of interesting functions and one that immediately caught our eye during our test was the wallpaper changer. It automatically takes photos from an online gallery and sets them as desktop backgrounds at a given period of time.

    There is, nonetheless, an issue with Webshots Desktop, namely that it cannot select images by resolution, so some of them might be stretched or tiled to fit your desktop.

    Besides the wallpaper management functions, you can have a calendar displayed onto the screen and its customization is extensive as well. This becomes obvious when accessing the 'Options' menu, which power users will be delighted with, thanks to the rich variety of settings it has to offer.

    All in all, Webshots Desktop is a great tool for those who manage their photos online, but the downside is that some of its features are only available to subscribers. The variety of available customizations it brings is certainly not to be overlooked and it performs very well as a whole.

    CURRENT VERSION: FILE SIZE: 248 KB DEVELOPER: webshots RUNS ON: Windows All CATEGORY: C: \ Desktop Enhancements \ Themes

    Download Webshots Desktop 3

    Download Webshots Desktop 3.1.5 Build 7619 Free

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    Download Webshots Desktop from: Hosted by Getsmileapp.com

    Webshots Desktop has been tested for viruses and malware

    This download is 100% clean of viruses. It was tested with 26 different antivirus and anti-malware programs and was clean 100% of the time. View the full Webshots Desktop virus and malware test .

    The file that was tested: wallscreen-latest.exe.

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    Provides you with unique desktop photographs year-round: Webshots Desktop Windows 7.

    Older versions of Webshots Desktop:

    • Webshots Desktop
    • Webshots Desktop

    Скачать Webshots Desktop 2006 Бесплатная - Это бесплатное приложение для управления фотографиями

    Webshots Desktop 2006

    Размер файла: 8.76 MB

    Webshots Desktop 2006 Описание разработчика

    Webshots Desktop это бесплатное приложение для управления фотографиями, которая объединяет обои и заставки функциональные инструменты для управления и совместного использования личных фотографий.

    Последняя версия позволяет управлять всеми фотографиями гораздо проще прямо на рабочем столе программного обеспечения. Теперь вы можете перетащить и падение фотографии Webshots из Windows, поиск в Webshots коллекции и обновить ваши альбомы в flash.Webshots рабочего 2006 года программное обеспечение, которое позволяет Вам управлять вашим фотографиям.

    Webshots пользователи могут просматривать фото крупнейший в мире сеть и использовать лучшее фото поиск в вебе. Webshots предоставляет потребителям множество способов пользоваться и обмениваться фотографиями на настольных компьютеров, телевизоров и мобильных телефонов.

    Только Webshots позволяет ее членам обмениваться фотографиями с друзьями и семьей с помощью уникальных функций, таких как фотографии сообщения TM, moblogging, онлайн-фотоальбомы, и пользовательские печатные издания и подарки.

    Ключевые особенности

    - Легко загружать и делиться вашей личной фотографии в Интернете

    - Скачать тысячи профессиональных фотографий

    - Создание пользовательских фото обои и заставки

    - Полноэкранное слайд-шоу

    - Легко добавления от цифровых фотоаппаратов до альбомы в Интернете

    - Автоматическое уведомление о фото загружено в друзья и семья

    Webshots Desktop: Create Wallpapers and Screensavers from your Photos

    Webshots Desktop: Create Wallpapers and Screensavers from your Photos

    Webshots Desktop is a free software that lets you create wallpapers and screensavers from your own photos. You can use your own photos, photos of friends, and even photos from web to create nice looking wallpapers and screensavers.

    Sponsored Links

    Webshots Desktop not only lets you create wallpapers and screensavers from your photos, but also lets you upload and share photos online with your friends. You can easily manage your photos with Webshots Desktop and even download thousands of unique professional photos shared by other users.

    What all I can do with Webshots Desktop?

    Webshots Desktop offers you a simple way to create wallpapers and screensavers from your own photos. The only thing you need to do is to make an account with Webshots. Once you get registered with Webshots, you can easily manage your photos as wallpapers and screensavers. And since you becomes a member of Webshots community, you can download thousands of professional pictures. upload your own pictures and videos. and share them with other friends on Webshots .

    Also check our reviews on WallCast. which is a free software to create photo collage wallpaper for PC.

    How to Create Wallpapers and Screensavers using Webshots Desktop?

    To create your own wallpapers and screensavers, just open Webshots Desktop application, and select the photos that you want to use. You will then be presented with easy to understand options to customize your wallpaper and screensaver.

    Lets see how you can use Webshots Desktop to create your own wallpapers and screensavers.

    •  Create Collection:  As you open the application you will see four different tabs on the top. In the “Wallpaper & Screensavers” tab, you  will see a sample collection with different sample pictures. To create wallpapers and screensavers from your own photos, you need to create your own collection. Click on the “Create Collection” button to create your own picture collection.
    • Add Pictures to Collection:  Then, you can add different pictures to your collection which you want to use as your desktop background or screensaver. You can add pictures to your collection from the “Add More Files  option You have options to add pictures from your own computer or download them online from Webshots. Adding pictures from your own computer  involves a 3-step process.
      • Step-1:  Select a collection (from the list of all the collections you have created), where you want to add files and press the “Next” button.
      • Step-2:  Add as much photos as you want by clicking on the “Add More” button. You can optionally do little bit editing by rotating or cropping the image if you want.
      • Step-3:  Finally press the “Next” button to finish processing files. You can view your collection after the processing finishes.
    • Set Wallpaper and Screensaver properties:  You can set your wallpaper and screensaver properties from the “Options ” button present on the top right corner of the Webshots Desktop window. Once you set the properties, the photos from your own collection will be set as your desktop wallpaper and screensaver.
     Features of Webshots Desktop: